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    • The sooner fans can return the better. It really is awful viewing without fans, and I rarely watch any matches on the telly unless we are playing. It's just shite.
    • Keita has on several occasions given some sensational performances, although admittedly it's been a while since the last one. I'm sure Klopp could turn him into a consistent performer if he ever stayed fit. A fit and in form Keita starts ahead of Jones for me.
    • I think Klopp's best quality is open-mindedness. He looks like he could make it work with anybody. He came in and created a perfect working relationship with people at the club who before his arrival, were seen as incompetent. He's empowered all of them and they've empowered him.
    • It’s a really good listen.  I’m not quoting him here but I think the important thing Stu points out is that there’s a difference between the stats the clubs are using and developing to find out answers to problems and the stats that internet warriors like Code scout around for to back up their already formed and immovable (usually laughably wrong) opinion.   The great thing about football is that there are just so many variables on and off the pitch.  It’s what makes stats so difficult to use.  In sports like Baseball, Cricket and even NFL they’re stop start.  You play to a thrown/bowled ball or play in 5-10 second bursts.  It’s so much easier to see through stats how good individual players are or decision making is.  The only comparable variable really is the role of a quarter back.  There’s so many things that are out of their control that can effect their performance.  Not as much as an individual footballer though.   I think XG is definitely a load of shite though.  A side can score a goal first like we did in the champions league final and then play the percentage game of twatting it up the pitch under any pressure.  The XG will then say you were shit but in reality the team managed the game the way they needed to.  The same goes for that risky pass thing that was mentioned.  Xabi was an outrageously good passer of the ball and is therefore more likely to be able to hit that pass than Lucas for example and that doesn’t get factored in.   I think the heading thing is massively skewed.  The balls were a lot heavier years ago and they were definitely heading the ball a lot more than now because the game was far worse technically.  The fella at Hope Uni who did a study just stunk of someone trying to make a name for himself.  He got players to head a ball 20 times in a row and then “measured” their cognitive response which he said was clearly effected.  This then makes national news.  Players very rarely head a ball 20 times in a game never mind in the space of a few minutes and his answer to that was he thought it wouldn’t be too much different.  It was laughable.
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