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    • I've heard if its on the line its  penalty, I dont think it was on the line but still it should be over the line, we lost a league because a ball was 11mm short of being all the way over the line.
    • That Maguire one is corruption how can it be anything else. Look at it! Fabinho wins the ball outside the box... Penalty. Jota fouls a player in the box, no penalty. Have they employed blind people to monitor VAR.   The decisions United are getting are unbelievable it feels like they're the only side in the country were every single decision goes their way.    Oh sorry except the martial incident!
    • I agree. Instead of cutting out corruption its made it legal and above reproach, something has to be done about this shambolic shit show. Its destroyed the game. 
    • Whether it was in the box or not wasn’t obvious either. The chimp in the VAR room took ages looking at the still image.
    • I would pretty much echo that as my thinking. 
        I was working in the Raven that day. I was happy for them. I assumed they would be the same in 96. But it was the opposite, I found it a bit sad really as the cup finals in the 80’s had a street party feel with it.   i think you add in the Barmby transfer and the Gary Mac derby and it went proper sour around 2000.   I came home from uni that season and went to about half the games, including the travel. That cup treble year was boss, there was quite a few lads my age who’d not had the chance to travel, do the Europe trips and due to cheap flights it was really opening up.   Despite being on shit wages temping, and having loads of games due to cup progression loads of us made it work. I think they hated that.   The Evertonians just got more bitter as that season went on. I saw a blue from school in the Crosby on the day of the cup final. He was totally aggressive that three of us weren’t in Cardiff for the final, despite we were going to Dortmund on the Wednesday and Charlton the following weekend. All despite having been to 30 odd games and being on less than £200 a week.   But then if you get knocked out of the cups by Tranmere and Bristol Rovers in the early rounds (yeah I had to check) and can get free seasons tickets with a mobile phone contract, you can go the game
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