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    • David Prentice, the bitter sports editor at the echo keeps liking all kinds of pathetic tweets about Van Dyke. Cunt
    • No doubt most of them will be. The level of sheer nastiness towards us is getting worse, but like I said, this lad is pretty decent. I've known him 30 years so I can't see it to be fair.
    • Just banter, innit, mate?   A series of tweets and an online book set up to send 'messages of support' to the injured Virgil van Dijk has been taken down after rival fans mercilessly mocked the campaign. It was announced on Sunday that the Dutchman would miss most of of the season after he suffered an ACL injury following a knee-high lunge from Jordan Pickford in Saturday's Merseyside derby. Following the news that Liverpool would be without their talismanic defender for a while, an online forum was set up by the Liverpool Echo so that fans could 'leave words of support' for the 29-year-old. On Monday evening, the Merseyside-based publication tweeted: 'One day, we will watch him defend and watch him score once again - but in the meantime, leave your words of support,' before leaving a link to an online book where fans could write their messages. The Liverpool Echo's tweet was accompanied by a black-and-white image of Van Dijk, along with the caption of 'send a message to Virgil'. The initial tweet and website have since been taken down after rival fans, unsurprisingly, ridiculed the post, which led to 'RIP Virgil' to trend on Twitter in the UK. Fans have laughed at the publication's efforts to show support, leaving many to jokingly question if the defender had fatally suffered a much more serious injury. 'RIP VVD. Can’t believe you died playing football. Pickford should be in jail. This is truly heartbreaking. What a senseless waste of life,' one Twitter user said.   Another joked: 'Sending my condolences on the passing of VVD #RIP.' One fan described the campaign as 'the most pathetic thing I've ever seen'. While injuries such as Van Dijk's have a negative impact on the player, club and fanbase, they are not uncommon, which has prompted rival supporters to mock the emotional response. The post comes less than 24 hours after it was announced that Pickford would controversially avoid a retrospective ban from the Football Association for his reckless lunge as it was seen by referee Michael Oliver during the match.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8858763/Rival-fans-mock-tweet-online-condolence-book-collecting-messages-support-Virgil-van-Dijk.html
    • you're right. there could be no pen as the game is effectively stopped once the offside is awarded. anything that happens after that with regards the tackle then comes under violent conduct.    as for the offside, do the match officials play no part at all? so the frame gets frozen by computer and then all the lines drawn by computer? it seems from what i have heard over the last couple of days that is not the case that coote both chose the frame and drew the lines (or he marks what he deems as the furthest forward point and the computer does some weird centre of gravity thing). it is actually the lines which piss me off most of all of it with the offside. in the vvd incident he has drawn our line from vvd's elbow, except elbows can't be offside. with the mane incident the blue line goes through both the foot of Mina and the arse of keane and there is daylight to mane! and then there's this arbitrary red line showing fuck knows what! 
    • since vvd came into the team, we changed the goalkeeper, established a right back (trent had started just 10 premier league games prior to vvd joining and wasn't a right back prior to the 1st team) , brought in robbo (I know we had bought him by then, but he only got in the team once vvd arrived) and added fabinho. The only consistent is we don't have a new centre back alongside as we had the 2 we have now plus lovren and klavan. it just illustrates the shite lengths he is going to at the moment to undermine us. it's up for everyone to decide for themselves why that is, for me it started after his suspension. 
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