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26 minutes ago, Shooter in the Motor said:

Any book that creates Christmas presents and Easter eggs is boss.

It also produduced a hatered and fear of homosexuals and an all pervasive patriarchy that has done more to debase humanity than anything, ever, except possibly the Koran and it’s insistence that it is the ‘final’ book of prophetic verse.


Thats not to mention it stance on slaves, ‘others’ and people who wear mixed fibre garments.


I’d say it’s the problem, not a thing we should look to for a solution, as it’s managed to sow the seed of racial, cultural and class divide since it’s inception.


That might just be me though.


NB. This is sarcasm. 

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23 minutes ago, Tony Moanero said:

Repped. Much kudos to you for dressing your son like Julian, from The Famous Five.

We live in Bath. That's all I'm saying...

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15 minutes ago, Red_or_Dead said:

He's a hippy who hates violence, gets killed in the end.  All's well that ends well.



There is a big plot twist about that too.

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2 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

So Gove has been caught lying as well today. Again. Surprise surprise. 



Links then.


I'm relying on this thread for all of my global coronavirus updates. It's a one stop shop with occasional humour.

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6 hours ago, Elite said:

I tested positive for the virus but am out of hospital now. Just feel light-headed as fuck due to the blood thinners.


There wasn't many young people in hospital with the virus, I was only in there due to the blood clots in my lungs. The 'younger' people tended to be fat, conversely I saw very old people with the virus that appeared to be dealing with it okay, their main issues were the complete inability to care for themselves such as incontinence, feeding, etc but that's probably their general level of independence.


Fortunately I did not get close to the ICU, so can't comment on the demographic in there.


There appeared to be plenty PPE available for staff and enough beds but this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Glad to hear your on the mend and it wasn't too serious Elite!


I had a pulmonary embolism almost 10 years ago when I was 31. Passed out at a wedding, I thought I was ok, but I had turned blue, so they got me an ambulance... spent a week in hospital! Funnily enough, they thought the cause of the dvt was a really bad flu which I'd had for the 3 weeks before. Good thing I went to the wedding, as staying at home to recover from the flu was probably the sensible thing to do, but then I'd have been home by myself, and if it happened then, I may not have been able to phone 999.

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2 hours ago, Josef Svejk said:


We’ll know soon enough if he rises from the dead on Easter Sunday.

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    • He should be focusing on the integrity of the championship.
    • Troy Deeney says that he feels sorry for Liverpool for having their season spoiled by the coronavirus outbreak but believes all integrity has been lost from the season.

      Yesterday saw the announcement which every Liverpool fan was waiting for regarding the resumption of the Premier League after a three month hiatus.

      As has been previously stated, there are to be no fans inside Football grounds for the foreseeable future meaning it will be somewhat of a empty existence for players, managers and officials alike.

      Jürgen Klopp and his players were masters in keeping their emotions in check whenever they were asked about winning the title.

      But it would have only been natural for them to let their mind drift and envisage the complete joy and euphoric scenes that would have taken place at Anfield come the end of the season.

      Watford captain Troy Deeney has been one of the main voices from the players expressing doubt on the resumption of the season.

      Now that a return looks virtually guaranteed, the striker feels that the title win will always come with an asterisk attached.

      Football 365 (via CNN) reported Deeney as saying.  

      “I believe that when it comes to the integrity of this season anyway, it’s already gone.

      “I feel sorry for Liverpool because no matter how it plays out, they deserve to win the league. They deserve to get the trophy.

      “But no matter how it plays out, even if we play all the games, it’s still going to be the year spoiled by the pandemic. It’s not going to be that year that Liverpool won the league being the best team and, you know, it’s 30 years they haven’t won for.

      “So I do feel sorry for Liverpool and their players and Jordan [Henderson], but in terms of integrity, there’s no way you could say that this is a viable competition.

      “It’s like running a marathon, 20 odd miles, stopping for two months and then sprinting the last bit and going: ‘Ah, that was a good time that.'”

      As Liverpool fans know all too well, it’s not over until the finishing line is crossed.

      There are two wins required until the Reds are officially crowned as champions.

      And as we have seen during this hiatus, there will be those who try to pour a level of doubt on the achievement or in case of Deeney, deliver a level of faint praise.

      In terms of the marathon analogy of Deeney, there will be no team to emerge from the pack and therefore no sprinting required.

      Simply because, Liverpool are way out in front, the hard work has already been done as they have broken the back of their challengers.

      We live in a democracy and opinions like Deeney's are more than welcome to be noted.

      But the cold hard truth is asterisk or not, Liverpool have more than proven themselves as a class above this season.

      And when it is all said and done, this trophy will sit very nicely amongst all the other pieces of silverware in the Liverpool trophy cabinet.

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    • That’s my worry. Not that we won’t eventually win it but that we come back a bit lethargic and complacent because we are so far ahead  and it’s literally in the bag.
      I want us to hit the ground running and put it to bed as quickly as possible, I don’t want it to drag onto four five or six games and then it stops again giving ammunition to those who said you can’t just “give” them the title as it’s not mathematically over
    • That's really bad luck for the lad in all fairness.   I don't particularly wish any ill on their players, except for Holgate. He's a cunt. It's the fans who deserve the venom and disdain.
    • The £25million summer signing has only just returned to full training due to a depressing series of problems, which saw him struck down after playing just two games for his new club. But now he will now undergo surgery on a severe Achilles injury. The freak injury happened when he was playing a round of foot tennis with team-mate Andre Gomes at the end of Thursday’s session.
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