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54 minutes ago, Scott_M said:

When there is a vaccine, I wonder how it’ll be distributed? Like Contagion, I could genuinely see a lottery system to roll it out. 

If it was the 80s it would be tories, rugby people, war veterans

.. chelsea fans..other cockneys... yorkshire folk...mancs....brummies....geordies.....miners...scottish/welsh...asians...scousers...with irish/west indians fighting it out for bottom of the ladder.


Because of Laura Whitmore the Irish were doing well and pulling out of the relegation zone just ahead of the Syrian refugees and the homeless but then Jimmy McClean made them the ire of middle England again who before that tweet were concentrating on the abhorrent cheek of bottom placed Scousers being champions of England when any decent human being knows the season should be voided and football should not start again until the 9th August when the new season can re-commence, so thanks to McClean, we will now get it ahead of the Irish just after it is distributed among the cross dressing, vegetarian, heroin using refugee who pisses on a union jack every morning.


*** all views above represent the typical views of a Daily Mail reader in London and in no way represent my views ***






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One for the numbers diviners on here, from WSJ live updates.


Latest Virus Numbers as China Admits Its Tally Excluded Asymptomatic Cases

China said for the first time that it excluded people who were infected with the novel coronavirus but haven’t shown symptoms from its national tally, as questions arise about its accounting of the infectious disease.

On Tuesday, China said there are at present 1,541 asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus in the country. Of that group, 205 people recently returned from overseas.

Chang Jile, a top Chinese health official, said the country will—beginning Wednesday—start reporting the number of asymptomatic carriers. He said this will be done “in order to respond to society’s concern in a timely manner.”

Mr. Chang said all asymptomatic carriers will be quarantined for 14 days and released only after they are medically cleared.

In recent weeks, concerns have grown about the risk of infection spreading by asymptomatic coronavirus carriers, as the country relaxes its control measures in Wuhan city, the initial epicenter of the virus outbreak.

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4 minutes ago, Shooter in the Motor said:

New York has 200,000 carriers and China (where it started) has 1,500? 




It says at present, which would be after two months of restrictions.

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10 minutes ago, Spy Bee said:

Spain had 849 - record high?


No, a significant reduction yesterday. Lets hope the trend stays that way.



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The more I see shit like the Imagineinies, Madonna, and this, the more I think we need a real Celebrity Death Match to keep us entertained during lockdown.




British artist Tracey Emin is sharing a visual diary of a week in her life during the coronavirus lockdown.


Emin, known for her unflinchingly autobiographical and confessional artwork, has been posting personal photos, videos and writing on the White Cube gallery’s Instagram account


In her first diary entry on March 26, Emin posteda video of herself in a bubble bath, with a cafetière and tray of food at her feet. 

She wrote: ‘Today I would be happy.. today I would celebrate my solitude.. if I were not filled with an over powering sense of fear.. A darkness.. that has made me want to live more than ever. I was almost content, to sit and wait out my end.’


In her most recent post today, Emin shared a video of her working on several large paintingsin her studio at 4.45am.


The artist will share her final diary entry tomorrow.


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3 minutes ago, Spy Bee said:

More people died of Coronavirus yesterday than any other day in Spain. 

Apologies, you are right. This can’t have been updated when I looked earlier...



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Saw an article this morning suggesting that the rate of death in China could be far higher than admitted based on personal testimony of people given back remains / urns of their loved ones. A figure of 42/46k was postulated 


On a more cheerful note , Crace made me chuckle in the Guardian this morning.




The thing I don't understand with these announcements is that in the great majority of cases ( I'll give our mini-Chancellor and the medical lady a pass ) the contributors seem flummoxed by the most straightforward and easily anticipated questions that are asked. It scares me that it appears that I put more preparation into my appraisal & development meetings with my line manager than these people are putting in to solving the country's most desperate situation since the war.

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30 minutes ago, Scott_M said:

Apologies, you are right. This can’t have been updated when I looked earlier...




27 minutes ago, Spy Bee said:

But BBC reporting 849 as the high... anyway, I suppose it's stopped increasing so dramatically. Small mercies and all that.

There is a difference between how Worldometer reports / updates now and some others, it all depends when is the reset point as some countries still report throughout the day. Germany's total for example appears only towards the end of the day on Worldometer.

Overall, Spain and Italy have been slowing down over the past seven days or so, France had bad numbers yesterday, elsewhere in Europe it appears it has also mostly slowed down or stabilized.

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    • I wonder if catcher et al are fully paid up members of qAnon? 
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