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    • I think the point is that they may need the money but that has no impact on Werner.  He could easily turn around and say I’m not going anywhere unless it’s Liverpool.  If you need money then you’re going to have to accept whatever Liverpool offer
    • The reaction of some on here to the unconfirmed news that Wener is going to Chelsea is embarrassing. The foot stamping bitchiness, accompanied with forecasts of the apocalyptic destruction of the whole Liverpool empire, is vomit inducing in its spoiled brattishness. Truly embarrassing.    By the way, our season resumes on the 21st. Anyone interested? 
    • RBL are the top spenders in Germany in recent season, they are guaranteed CL next season and have nowhere the income of Bayern. It’s not beyond the realms of impossibility they need the money. 
        As I’ve previously put, nobody knows how much COVID19 is effecting the club. Common sense would tell you if your outgoings remain the same & your income is significantly reduced the your disposable income is also significantly reduced.   The dweeb at the mancs, Mourinho and a few others have all commented recently clubs will have a lot less money on transfers in the next couple of windows. If mid-table teams go on a huge summer spending spree’s, I’d suggest you’re right. If the story plays out like the narrative being set, then I’d suggest not. 
        Only time will tell.   
    • I will be disappointed him going elsewhere and even more so if we don’t sign another good attacker.
    • I'd be happy with Romero from United as back up to Ali this summer. A decent number 2 would be a big addition to the squad and he is very good. At least someone of his ilk. I hate picking on players and Adrian seems like a good lad but if we had Romero in goal for the Chelsea FA cup game and the Athletico game, I think we would be still on for the treble.   Scary if we don't have the money to cover Werner. My feeling is the club has a big stash of money, but is cautious about the current situation. I do get that, but we need to be building another great team with young lads coming in to the team slowly getting experience. Not many players currently improve our starting line up and Werner as good as he is right now is an example of that. Different story in 1-2 years though. To be fair, we have some really top lads like Jones and Elliot, but unfair to think they can step up next season. Hopefully, they get minutes when we wrap up the title with Minamino to prepare them for next season, because they may be needed more than I would like.   My hope is that the club have another option and are holding their powder dry on someone like Havertz or Sancho. I have this feeling we could sign Sancho, but the deal will be funded by selling Sadio or Mo. Rightly or wrongly that is how the club are run.    I do predict that they will build the annie road expansion in the next few years. We will be a top team regardless of their spending for a number of years, but I think they will never spend big on a regular basis. With Newcastle possibly becoming one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, I see them selling us for a gigantic profit in 3-4 years.
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