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    • Virtue signalling and a dig at the redshite. It's like Christmas for the soft cunt.
    • Disappointing we didn’t get Werner as he looks a very good player but other than him, I didn’t think we’d go big on anyone this summer Covid or not.  Klopp said last summer that he couldn’t get any big names in or up and coming stars as he couldn’t guarantee them the minutes they’d want. Said the same about Haaland in January.  The front 3 are the envy of football, keita’s staying, milners signed on for another 2 seasons and Curtis Jones replaces Lallana so the midfields sorted.  Lovren might go but we’re not paying big bucks on a 4th choice centre half. We’ve got the best XI in the world at the minute and it would be stupid to blow £100m (transfer fee & wages) on a player who’ll only be getting starts in the domestic cups.  Klopp & Edwards have got it spot on so far. Got to trust them on this. Let’s never forget our summers being ruined by our disastrous transfer dealings. 
    • Have ordered a tanto from Amazon for hara kiri purposes , but it wont arrive until mid-July so I can watch a few games before it gets here.
    • It just feels a little like we've rolled the dice for the last two seasons and got lucky that none of the front three have suffered long term injuries. If we'd had to make do without say Mo and Sadio for a couple of months each, this season could have been very different. So even if AFCON is moved, it's still clearly a risk to assume that we'll get lucky for a 3rd season in a row.
    • The Athletic article today makes it sounds like Werner was prepared to wait for us but RBL told him they needed the money.   The mancs wanted him & he spoke to Solskjaer but was told they’d only move if they sold Pogba. 
        Although I’m disappointed by it, none of us know the financial implications of COVID19 and how it’ll impact the clubs and transfers. 
        If the mancs couldn’t afford him and RBL needed to sell him, I’m not surprised that we maybe backed out.    Shit happens.   If the African tournemant is moved, I’m significantly less concerned.
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