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    • Did you quote the wrong msg mate? Am not definitely losing my shit over this. I actually agree to all the points in your post above
    • In just more annoyed that we've lost him to Chelsea the plastic twats.    European, world and league champions. I cant complain.  
    • Its Jurgen who elevates the players mate. I couldn't see for example, Gerrard inspiring the likes of Gini, Robertson, Gomez etc the way he does. Theres something special about his personality that many managers lack.   he's the reason we can buy relegated flops and turn them into winners. So yeah 90% on his shoulders. He's shaped the culture of the Club almost on his own.
    • How do you really know we didn't sign him because of money? We have pulled out of so many deals under klopp, same thing happened with Fekir. Where's he now?   Nobody 100% knows what the fuck is going on. The whole world has been shut down for 3 months and all the information you have is from journalists who have been at home like the rest of us. Don't lose your shit over this because Klopp is the one who makes these players better, not the other way around.   We, like every other club, are bleeding millions every week with no income coming in. The shops are fucking closed, the stadium is fucking closed and revenue is probably non existent right now. It might be next season too. So maybe, like every other business owner in the world they are being cautious. It's just the way it is right now.   I didn't want Werner, i just don't see what other's see in him. Fairly quick but no skills, not that tall and hardly powerful. He struggles against a low block as was seen in the last world cup. Other's may disagree, fine. Sancho is the player we should get. Quicker, more skillful, already knows English football and Klopp would turn him into an absolute star over the next 5 years. Our style/attack NEEDS players to be able to dribble and beat a man with skill AND pace. I don't see that with Werner but with Sancho its obvious.    Yes i really think we need to sign one more star attacker and will be gutted if we don't but i won't lose my shit because i own a business myself and i could be up shit creek soon too. The next year is really hard to judge for anybody who owns a business. Just take a breath, if Klopp really wanted him, we would have got him. Stop letting the media, who have had no stories to print for 3 months, fuel your every thought. It's almost always bullshit anyway.         
    • They have when they bought the club and nursed it back to a state of good financial footing. They continue to grow the club. Point that out and people go 'oh yeah but it's not their money!' So what, so long as it isnt debt on the club, what's the issue apart from people's opinion?   What people overlook is when owners put money into a club they want something in return. That's either the money back with interest or a more hands on running the gaff. The club is pretty much run autonomously away from FSG. Edwardes runs the off field side, Jurgen the on field side. It's as close to Shankly's 'directors are just there to sign cheques' as you'd get today.   Personally, I dont want Liverpool FC run like the circus of Real Madrid, Mansour who's out buying what, his tenth club now or Abramovich at chelsea where he's effectively fucked them off since Mansour userped his spending power and for whatever reason now, has splashed some money on them.   If Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the World, why do we need owners handouts?
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