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    • The Derby isn't a great game  it's usually fucking horrible. And we pay for the 6 points big time. It's never enjoyment.
    • I'm mildly hysterical after that. I'm trying to explain to Mrs RiB but she's not really getting it
    • Weird the way the Premier League is corrupt but they celebrate staying in it like its a massive achievement.    Still no clue why they haven't been done for FFP breaches.    Anyway, 27 years without a trophy, the irrelevant cunts. 
    • Ah, a fellow newcomer.  I'm actually 3 seasons into it now, and it took a few goes for me to get here but it's well worth it.  Bits of it annoy me, it's no Soprano's, but it's very watchable. 
    • We won a trophy, City finally slipped up, Everton were dragged back into the relegation mire and Arsenal went the full Arsenal to gift wrap a Champions League place to their most hated rivals. I’ve had worse weekends!   I’ll start at Goodison because that’s where most of the fun was. It started with their fans pulling that stupid “fireworks outside the team hotel” shite. They did it against Chelsea and won the game, so they figured they’d do it against when Brentford came to town. You shouldn’t provoke Bees because when they get angry or feel threatened they sting.    Evertonians have spent years mocking our support. The banners, the chants, the pyro, the greeting of the team coach before big games… “Kopite behaviour” they called it while they scoffed. Now look at them. They’ve embraced all of it.    Frankly it’s hilarious. We’re greeting coaches before we play in massive European games or league fixtures that could decide the title. They’re doing it against Brentford as they look to stay out of the bottom three. It’s world’s apart isn’t it. I almost pity them. Almost.   How can you pity them when they carry on the way they do though? Going to the Brentford team hotel in the early hours of the morning is just embarrassing. What’s worse is how many of them were bragging about it like it was some kind of achievement.    Still, it all adds to the comedy, especially when they lose the game, have two players sent off and then Brentford’s official twitter account (as well as their captain) trolled them on twitter. This shit only ever happens to Everton.   What makes it all the more amusing is they were ahead and well on top. Calvert-Lewin deflected in a feeble shot by Richarlison to put them ahead and it was all going swimmingly. Richarlison ran off celebrating while Calvert-Lewin was telling anyone who would listen that it was his goal.    Then, the Premier League led conspiracy to send Everton down reared its ugly head again. How are people not seeing this? It’s so obvious that everyone is conspiring against the Blues. Frank should write another letter. Or maybe get his mates in the cabinet to order an inquiry.     This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article   Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.