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    • A mix of massive disappointment and pain that they try and mask but end up overcompensating for massively with all their shite like 'born not manufactured' 'we go the game' blah blah blah....   This leads to them feeling they have to show that they somehow care more about their club and are somehow special/more passionate - but because they are so hurt and disappointed they can't help but release all those feelings of disappointment with displays of anger like that, like that fella who was throwing punches at players whilst holding his kid...like the abusing of opposition players...like throwing stuff at players.   It is like how someone who is pissed off with their own life and who has low self esteem - slags everyone and everything else off, criticises everybody else, begrudges everyone else any joy and feels the need to try and belittle others in a futile attempt to make themselves feel better/superior.   Ultimately though their own disappointment and hurt eats away at them, and they just resort to more and more displays of anger, blaming everyone else and slagging everyone else - then they justify it by claiming everyone else is against them and all they are doing is fighting back/dealing with injustice....but it's all a front - it is ALL their own unhappiness, disappointment and hurt and it nakes them bitter and twisted.
    • The penalties will be hand waved away, they are never enforced by a league that is built and operates on financial corruption, they will carry on cheating unopposed make no mistake about that.
    • When they last avoided relegation in '98 I think it was a Kenwright inspired headline in the Echo that screamed 'NEVER AGAIN!'. I reckon next year it will happen ....AGAIN! They are truly fucking awful  and can only get worse as players leave and their transfer options are limited by penalties for their own sportswashing. Tonight is merely a stay of execution.
    • Derby these days essentially consists of them being applauded for trying to cripple our players and timewasting, followed by a flurry of Qannon style conspiracy theories about why that somehow didn't result in a win.
    • Looking at the crowd on the pitch, the vast, vast majority of them look like footage from a Ring doorbell.