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What non-Liverpool players in world football get into our starting 11?

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1 hour ago, Bjornebye said:

Debates. Casual cunt insults.


Just as intended. 

its not a true TLW thread if atleast 1 person doesn't call somebody a cunt 

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I bet some on here write to Jurgen and express their views, tell him where he’s going wrong, offer advice. My Dad does, James Pearce is his conduit.

But then my Dad did invent the Ribina. Like the Rabona only your balls turn purple.


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1 hour ago, 3 Stacks said:

Hey dumbass, if you read the thread, that cunt Bjornebye, who can't decide whether he wants to be a dick to me or be a decent human being, provoked me. I only responded to his rudeness.


Secondly, and I'm tired of talking about this because people who say this don't know what they're talking about, Kanté simply has not played in a holding role in a 4-3-3. Maybe he did at Caen, I forget, but he never has in England where he became a world class player.


Once you say he would replace Fabinho in our team it's a cue you don't know what you're talking about. They don't play the same position.


That's just a fact. I'm just stating a fact. If you don't like it, if you want to say he'd be good in Fabinho's position, go ahead. Messi would be a good left back too, I bet. He's just never really played there.

Hang on , when I called you stacksy I was practically savaged . Is it because I live on the isle of man ? If so , racist 

Or something

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47 minutes ago, Shooter in the Motor said:

I just looked it up too. You would really have to know what that word meant to use it in a sentence. Whoever used it on here probably knows what it means a little too well and has some explaining to do.

I called a fat, ranting dickhead an Incel outside a club last weekend, this caused him to flare up and shout some more. I asked him if his mum had put the rent up in the basement? He ranted some more. I told him if he opened his stupid fucking mouth once more I’m gonna kick his fucking head in. He skulked off without saying a word.


Two things to take away from this. Firstly, I’m too old for clubs and secondly, the internet has a lot to answer for.

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3 hours ago, Bjornebye said:


  2 members active in this conversation (including you)
  1. Bjornebye
    Read: 25 Feb 2019, 16:30:07
  3. 3 Stacks
    3 Stacks 
    Read: 25 Feb 2019, 18:35:10


For my team, I posted two formations in the discussion thread. You can use the 4-4-2 one for the voting thread. Cheers. 

Just re-post the one you want mate. Whats your name anyway. Damien. Ps, piss taking on the actual forums, thats all it is. 

Will do. Name is Matt. Of course, mate, it's all good. This is a better forum than most. 

Sound. ps, Matt - your views on footy are shite ! haha 


its the best one mate. 

Haha, you too mate. Except for the time you called VvD. 

Your views on footy are also shite. Except for the time you called VvD!

 Reply to this conversation...

After reading that exchange I’ve been left with a look on my face that I imagine is similar to the one on my grandads face when he overheard my nanna’s hairdresser talking about his upcoming wedding to his boyfriend. 

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Would Klopp play De Bruyne in our 433? Where? 

He is definitely better individually than some of our players but because of his lack of energy without the ball, the formation would need to change to accommodate him in my opinion 

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43 minutes ago, Ne Moe Imya said:

Are you kidding? 


If we include Blue Moon then our gimpiest would be lucky to make the bench.

That's a bold fucking statement

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It isnt about individual players its about the team. Didnt Paisley say something like "they may not be the best individually but in a 4-4-2 they're not bad."


I'd have 3 clones of Kante 



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    • The contracts might have a force majeure clause for that kind of thing.  Or some other catch all clause.
    • So a player is one goal or appearance away from triggering a clause in his contract for either performance-related bonuses or even an extra year added to his contract. The season is then voided, ie the player is effectively denied millions through no fault of his own.    Can he then sue the club for potential lost earnings? Or break from the contract? If that's possible, imagine dozens of such cases of varying degrees and it's another layer to the shitstorm waiting for the higher-ups should the season be cancelled. 
    • That is probably too early but i wouldn't be surprised if its back by late May. I think the government would allow it too. 
    • The Premier League are working on an ambitious plan to restart the season behind closed doors on the first weekend of May with a scheduled finish date of Sunday July 12. The proposals, which will be discussed in detail on a conference call of the 20 clubs on Friday, would need to be endorsed by the Government, public health bodies and the PFA. But they are seen as the best way to mitigate the financial losses and potential legal threats caused by the coronavirus shutdown. The Premier League's best-case scenario of a May resumption stems largely from their obligations to and financial reliance on broadcasters, who have a watertight £3billion-a-year deal which expires on July 31, with next season's deal kicking in the following day.    The Premier League want to restart the season at the beginning of May and finish it by July 12   Sky Sports and other broadcasters could demand as much £762m if the season is not finished It is understood that under the terms of the TV contracts the cut-off point to finish this season is July 16, and if the campaign is not completed by that date Sky Sports, BT Sport and the international rights-holders could demand rebates totalling as much as £762million.   The broadcasters are pushing the Premier League to provide clarity as soon as possible, as they are losing subscribers at a rapid rate and want to know when they can expect their schedules to return to normal. During informal talks between club executives over the last few days, July 12 has emerged as the optimum finish date, and a restart at the beginning of May would build in the potential for more down-time if individual clubs are hit by more cases of the virus.  It remains unclear whether such a timetable is realistic, however, given that the deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries warned on Sunday that the country could remain in varying degrees of lockdown for up to six months. A restart in May is seen as vital as that is when the clubs are due to receive their final tranche of television money for the season, without which many will struggle to pay the players' wages. The £762m of combined income under threat is not divided equally and would range from £57m for the Premier League winners to £20m for the team who finish bottom. Ironically, the bigger clubs stand to lose more than usual this season if those payments are withheld following last year's changes to the distribution of the overseas television deal, which, unlike the domestic deal, is no longer divided equally but determined by league position The new plan would see games played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus outbreak BT Sport are another of the broadcasters who could be in line for a rebate worth millions The Premier League are aware of the challenges they face in completing the season but until they are told otherwise by the Government that remains their intention. Having suspended the season twice until April 4 and then April 30 they do not want to announce a further delay. The clubs are also conscious that there may have to be changes in order to finish the season. One of the main topics of conversation between executives recently has been about waiving the rules regarding weakened teams.  A number of solutions have been mentioned, including increasing squad sizes from 25 to 29 to enable them to cope with more absences due to illness. One club also raised the question of whether they would be permitted to field a youth team. A more radical idea has been completing the season without promotion and relegation on the grounds that the integrity of the competition is threatened, and there is also no guarantee that the EFL campaign will be completed.    Clubs at the top of the Championship have begun making preparations to take legal action if they are denied promotion, although if the competition is not completed that would weaken their case. The Premier League will continue to liaise with the Government, who have indicated that they are eager for football to resume in some form as soon as it is not considered a public risk and a drain on resources.  If given the go-ahead, matches would be staged with a skeleton broadcasting crew, minimal security and no media, although an ambulance presence would be required at the stadium. One of the problems the league will face is convincing players to return to action after it emerged that they are not insured for coronavirus as it is not listed as a critical illness. A number have sought clarification but are being advised they are not covered. Many players forgo critical illness cover because it can cost £5,000 per year. But Sportsmail knows of a number who have improved their policies since the outbreak.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-8169229/Premier-League-plan-resume-season-closed-doors-start-MAY.html#comments
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