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    • Take the fight to PM as I want go to bed and don't want to have to be worrying about what you two are posting on here through the night.
    • Barnes, who had been booked, gets I volved with Fab on HT. Obviously only Fab booked.   Barnes deliberate handball to stop our attack. Matip deliberate handball to stop their attack. Only one booked and it wasn't Barnes.   Mane gets a shot off, then taken out. Barnes gets a shot off, then instigates contact. Only one given as a penalty    It has gotten to the point were when we are only slightly fucked over we think the ref had a decent game.    We just accept that any team at Anfield will be able to time waste without consequences, but we delay a goalkick for 10 seconds and get a booking.    Pope finally got warned after 70 mins, then his next three kicks took at least 45 seconds, given up counting after that. No punishment, not even a token 93rd minute booking.
    • Well we've struggled lately because teams have been sitting back and letting us have the ball. The mancs might get cocky and try to attack a bit given the current situation of both teams, and the fact they are at home. 
    • No, I won't put you on ignore, and don't tell me what I should and shouldn't do, you fucking spastic.   For what its worth, my son has a medical condition too, the details of which I won't go into here. The difference between you and me is that I'm not pathetic enough to bring it up in an argument on a football forum.
    • I read something this week talking about the press. So this isn't a go at thiago individually, although he is clearly a part of it over the last few games, but it's bigger than that. But apparently all teams are pressing less than last season, but we're massively top of that last, something like 25% down (this is not running, but direct presses on the ball). And all teams are also having less success in the press and we're also big on that stat. I don't quite know what to make of it.  Maybe it's just everyone is fucked, but I'm not sure the schedule is that tough for the teams not in Europe, so why are they down? Maybe the lack of summer break and pre-season. The top and bottom is if football has been stripped of intensity, the team that will suffer most is the team that relies on intensity the most. Then take out the world's best centre back and 2 players who read 2nd balls best in the league from midfield (fabinho and Henderson) it's easy to see how we've flopped.    What I'm absolutely certain of though as this is a thiago thread and I'll get hammered again no doubt, but he's no answer to the problems we have right now. Perhaps if we can push him up the pitch he could have more impact, but mostly he's pretty pedestrian at the 6 position. He can't tackle, he looks too slow to do so. For me the times he looks best are when he plays short, quick verticle passes of 5-15 yards. He's so deep, even when he plays them, they just go into someone else before the forward line. Like Shaq, pick it up, hold, hold, here comes the tackle, hold, hold, shit better pass, hold, stub a toe and poke it forward, and roll on the floor. So maybe we need to move him from 6 to 8, but we have no 6, because he's now a 4. And his backup is injured after playing 5. It's all such a fucking shambles. 
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