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Ayre: I instantly knew Jurgen was the right man to lead the Reds

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Former CEO Ian Ayre has identified some of the outstanding qualities that saw Jürgen Klopp become Liverpool manager.

Ayre who held the position at the club between 2014-17 said there was an instant connection between Klopp and the big decision makers at the club.

ESPN reported Klopp as saying:

“I'm a big believer that when you run a football club that first impressions are everything.

"And the first time I met Jurgen... I can honestly say within 15 minutes I thought this guy is perfect.

Ayre said that it was clear that Klopp understood what makes the club special and gave him a lofty accolade.

“It was one of the times that you know that your team, your city, your club and, with all the greatest respect to all the managers that came before him, I think Jurgen is almost like this prophet type level of manager and he is absolutely perfect for that club."

From the early days of the Klopp tenure, the German has been extremely big on bringing a real sense of energy and enthusiasm to his role of manager.


And he certainly does practice what he preaches to his players.

There is no sense of letting the game drift along, animated discussions with the fourth official are a common sight, as is making sure the Anfield crowd are constantly energised in the contest.


And the celebrations after a win are a symbol of true team spirit.

Ayre says that those emotions is Klopp in a nutshell.

“Everything you see from him, going on the field and hugging everybody [after matches] and that whole thing, it's very natural.

“He doesn't do it for effect, he doesn't do it to make himself seem like a nicer person, it's just real and I just connected with him immediately."



In contrast, Ayre he was a figure who rankled with the fanbase in his time at the club.


Since leaving Liverpool nearly three years ago, the 56 year-old has spent time at 1860 Munich and is currently CEO of Nashville in the MLS who are gearing up for their first season in the competition.

He talked about some of the challenges associated with setting up a new franchise.

“Having patience is the hardest piece and that's why I think you have to be aligned as a group.

“The owners, the coach, the management, the players, everybody has to be aligned with the plan and you have to stick together.

"The hardest people to bring along on that journey is the fans. 

“Everyone wants instant success, but if you keep aligned as people and you can look at all the people in the room and say 'we're on the same path,' then I think you can achieve great things.”


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How I will always remember the bottom licking little shit. Riding things....









One minute you’re CEO at Liverpool FC and lording it on sugardaddy.com....








The next you’re at little-known Nashville SC desperately trying to pull whatever you can get, however you can get it....




For those of you relatively new here, you may or may not know that I wasn’t very fond of the little hamster fuck.

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I remember Klopps first press conference and Ian Ayre was sat there with a face that looked like he had just come off a 3 week paraffin bender. 

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