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The Seventies

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We were talking about food we used to eat in the 70s at Christmas which gave me a hankering to make this for his nibs’ birthday 




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56 minutes ago, Champ said:

We were talking about food we used to eat in the 70s at Christmas which gave me a hankering to make this for his nibs’ birthday 





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The October Crisis here in Canada. Including the kidnapping and murder of a provincial cabinet minister and the kidnapping of the British Trade Commissioner.


Not big news elsewhere, given the events happening in the rest of the world, but one of the most important periods in Canada's history as it was a precursor to two independence referenda in Quebec, either of which would have meant the end of Canada.

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    • The fans carry and protect the ethos and to a degree these have been lost in the wind for a long time.   They, FSG, protect the bottom line.   I think it’s scummy, you’ll find no argument and I’m not trying to defend them, but you can guarantee every club will do it once they’ve gone over the fine print and found out how to maximise it.    Were all going to see massive tax hikes on the back of this so I’m apathetic to the whole fucking thing. We’re being saved, by them,  from the things they created and we’ll fucking cheer in gratitude and pay whatever we’re instructed to because we should be thankful.   its all fucking rotten.    
    • Why the fuck wouldn't staff be paid? They haven't done anything wrong and their employer can easily afford to pay them. But why should taxpayers subsidise their payment? This is money that might otherwise be spent on the NHS, put in its simplest terms...
    • This week Manchester city took season ticket direct debits from fans. Threatened to throw people off tickets schemes if they wanted their ticket money back from the Madrid game which will never happen. I think this is far more an issue than how the club pay the wages.  The staff are being paid though, 100%. Just because some of that money comes from the government in a publicised grant, how is that any worry? Would you be worried if it was a grant for employing people in deprived areas? I'm sure we'll have taken them before. Everyone is keeping their job and they'll have all their wages. Every year the club do their accounts , they probably juggle enough money around with smart accounting to avoid tax that covers the wages of many at the club. Yet nobody is arsed about that. As soon as they take a grant, they're up in arms. But it's exactly the same thing. They take sponsorship money from companies like standard chartered and AXA, who I'm sure have times where they're less than ethical ways they make their money. You think this doesn't fund wages? And nobody complains.    The issue here for me isn't if LFC should or shouldn't do this. As someone else pointed out in the thread, it seems really bad PR to have done this. The issue for me is why we're expecting premier league clubs in general to act differently than any other business up and down the country and why the media is focussed on this and not government failure or other companies who are furloughing and not making up the difference. Many of these businesses will have people earning millions and continuing to earn that while low paid staff are getting just the goverment grant at 80%. We expect our football clubs to pay tax. We expect the players to pay their income tax and the club make their employers contributions to go with it. Why would you not expect them to apply for a grant when it's made available, yet everyone doesn't give a fuck where a penny of the income comes from? For fucks sake we've been funded for 25 years by Rupert fucking Murdoch, nobody seemed arsed about paying staff wages with his coin and the only reason we're not taking it now is he sold up to Comcast!    Worry why the media wants you focussed on LFC and not this goverment.
    • One of the replies on Stan Collymore's tweet is from a journalist who said he has spoken to SOS.   Says they are refusing to criticise club and see it as positive that staff are being paid. Pete Hooton says not discussed as committee yet.
    • Exactly. 
        I think that Tory liverpool fans thread has more members than we thought (and I don’t include Rico in that because I know he will be repulsed as well)     
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