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    • Hahahaha.    I'm sure you'll be over the moon as long as we win the 'FSG are best owners' cup.
    • Do you understand the concept that money does not equal cash?   If they put in $100m in tomorrow, they won't actually be putting their hand in their own pocket. They bought a club for 300m (or so) and its currently worth 1.5bn (or so). Asking them to invest in the playing squad beyond the proceeds of player sales is no act of fucking benevolence, it is asking Liverpool to spend within its means. If you are a club worth 1.5bn, how the fuck can you not afford to spend a penny on transfers in four transfer windows?   When they sell the club they will make a fucking windfall. The fact that they are unwilling to invest money into a club that has already guaranteed them a fortune is absolutely something they should be dragged for.
    • We must win!! It will be an anti climax if we don’t.
    • Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool will have a extra sense of purpose as they look to correct a mini blip of form and end the season in a positive fashion next Wednesday evening at Anfield.

      The Reds produced an uncharacteristically sloppy defensive display against Arsenal with mistakes by Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson gift wrapping both goals for Alexander Lacazette and Reiss Nelson.

      The North London outfit offered precious little in an attacking sense throughout the rest of the contest and had Liverpool had been on their A game, the scoreline could have been anything.

      But the truth of the matter was the champions were sloppy on the ball with countless missed passes and wasted opportunities in the final third.

      After the frustrating draw against Burnley where the team did play well, many felt the Reds would put this beleaguered Gunners outfit to the sword.

      The fact that it didn’t happen left many connected to the club extremely frustrated and you sense if given the opportunity, Klopp and the players would have thrived on then opportunity to play another 90 minutes on the spot.  

      As is his way, Klopp did not look to dwell on the negatives, instead casting his mind to next Wednesday’s clash with Chelsea and highlighted what a special occasion it will be as the Echo reported.

      “We have all been waiting ages, some of us 30 years, and we will finally get this Premier League trophy and it will be a big moment for all of us and our families,” said the Reds boss. “That’s 100%.

      “Before that, we have to play a game. For five millions reasons, we will try to win it.

      “I have had this situation twice in my life where we have got the trophy on the day.

      “It will be difficult, especially when the other team is Chelsea and they are fighting with all they have to get in the Champions League.”

      Despite the opponent, Klopp is confident that they play to their optimum level, they will be able to celebrate the moment in fitting style.

      “I saw tonight that my boys want to win it. They made two wrong decisions, but they wanted to win the game.

      “I don’t think I ever played a game with 24 to three shots against Arsenal, I can’t remember that. There are a lot of goals usually when we play against each other, but not that many tonight – at least on our side. But that dominance we never had before, I can’t remember it at least. So I’m happy about that.

      "They made two wrong decisions, but they wanted to win the game.

      “And that’s what will happen next week, 100%. We will try with everything we have to win the game.”

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    • Well that's these people faults. It's pretty clear we've been sell to buy. I've still not heard why that's a bad thing, though. I mean the whole point of building a team is keeping the good players who are happy to play for you and to replace the ones who don't want to play for you. You can't tell me anyone good has ever been sold when they still wanted to be here. The difference now is players want to be here, so there's less room in the squad and less money to spend. Oh well.    And the difference between us and Manchester United is they've always been the richest club, they could buy anybody. That's just not realistic when we were mediocre for 25 years and started to lag behind. FSG are our owners because they think they can compete in a world where there are financial regulations. The problem is, there aren't any and so now their crime is basically that they're broke and don't/can't spend their own money because the supposed rules say they shouldn't. That's just not really a fair criticism, to be honest. It's bad faith.    I've always just enjoyed that they're competent for the most part at owning a sports team. That's it really. And it's enough for me I guess, not for some. 
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