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    • Sadio Mane sees no end in sight to the partnership between Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino and himself as they passed another landmark during the week.

      The double by Salah against Brighton saw the tally of goals scored by the trio to 250 in all completions across just three seasons.

      In keeping with the competitive nature of the unit, they have got their eyes set on the next target as the Senegal superstar told the Official site.
        “I think our target is another 250 again and more trophies with Liverpool.

      "I think it's just unbelievable. 

      “It's not easy to play in England and score this [amount] of goals.   "It's just incredible because there are so many good teams and strong defenders, so it's not easy. 

      "We always try to work harder and harder to get better and better to do the best for the team. 

      "Playing alongside these two, even me and you, I think we can both play alongside these two great players. 

      "So you just need to be fit and then you play alongside them because they make everything easier for me and you!"

      Mane is coming to the end of his fourth year at the Reds and despite regularly being linked to clubs on the continent, he is extremely content at his current club.

      “I couldn't be more happy, proud to be a Liverpool player.   "For sure it has been a great season, a great four years for me. 

      "I'm really happy to be alongside my teammates, staff, everything. I'm just happy and proud to be here.

      Despite his undisputed status as one of the best forwards in World Football, Mane says that he is learning new elements to his game all the time.

      "I think as a player I'm still learning.

      “I never stop learning and you can see me and all of the boys have been developed a lot. We are really, really happy about it. 

      "At the same time, we never stop working harder because it has always been a dream for me to play and always getting better and better – especially to score more goals, more assists for my team and to win trophies. 

      The realisation of being part of the squad that has ended a long title drought is still sinking in for Mane.

      And while he admits it is a special moment, he certainly does not want it to stop there.   

      "Honestly, I think it has been most special for me and my teammates.   "After 30 years of waiting [for] the fans, I still don't believe it. But we did it and I think it's just so special. 

      "We are really happy and we are really proud after 30 years to be the players who win the [Premier League] trophy with Liverpool Football Club. 

      “Hopefully more and more to come.

      On a sombre note, fearless captain Jordan Henderson will not be out their with his teammates after being ruled out for rest of the season with a knee injury.

      Mane says that blow gives them extra incentive to finish the season strongly.

      “Sadly it's a complicated moment for the team and for him because we love to have Hendo in the squad.

      "He's a great person out of the pitch and on the pitch he's also a great leader. 

      “He's always been there for his team, giving 100 per cent every single game. 

      "For sure we would love to have him but, like I always say, it's part of football and now we're also going to be here for him morally to support and be positive with him. 

      “I think, for sure, he will come back stronger as soon as possible."

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    • OK. So in our city's cultural profile, where do Everton figure? Realistically.  I'd say that in a Scouser's view of our cultural profile they would be reasonably prominent - not Beatles, but certainly Icicle Works - but for an outsider? As part of our international cultural profile? They probably figure lower than some cold, stone buildings.  And that's fuck all to do with murals and everything to do with their decades of mediocrity. They have become a nonentity.  A shrug.  A gnat.   They have erased themselves from our city's cultural profile. 
    • "Rack up another assist for me there as I slated Wilf in the last round up for the poor season he’s having." Ohhhhhh riiiiiiight. So let's get this straight. You say someone's having a shite season, they score next game and you "rack up an assist". How does that work then? Next you'll claim an assist for saying someone's having a great season, they score next game and you'll claim an assist. Assist my arse you knobjockey.     You? You want your cake and eat it. No offence.    PS. Yer ma is the only one in your family who talks sense.   
    • Kennedy, Case, Sounness, McDermott.    Still the most formidable midfield English football has ever seen.  Every one of them could do everything.    That pass, though...  
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