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    • The ground will get done. Liverpool needs it, tourism has dropped off. Imagine the tourists who will flock here.      firefighterblue Player Valuation: £10m Monday at 10:52 AM   Add bookmark #64,062 It will get done. A massive project like this will be a massive boost for liverpool especially as the liverpool economy which depends on the tourism trade has dropped off a cliff due to covid. Just one detail of this complex application. Every company now self certificates for fire safety. A Ieam of fire safety officers( about 3) from the fire service have been going over the plans for the last few months. They check all the facts and figures relating to fire safety measures such as number of fire exits, means of escape, travel distances(which basically is how far each person in a seat is from a protected(from fire) exit. They check everything is within the government guidelines. I've heard that they are 3/4 of the way through. If they find anything wrong they go back to the client. They can insist that they change things.
      Basically that is just a small part of the planning application but it will take months and is still being done. This is a massive scheme so there could and probably will be a delay but it will be going ahead providing mosh gets the money in
    • I don't mind the fella. He gets a rough deal sometimes because of what Klopp has brought to the team but had he been replaced with another manager that failed to meet expectations then Rodgers would be viewed more favourably. That said the Stoke debacle was shameful.
    • One of their players might have attended Kyle Walker's bunga bunga party.
    • Name all the fans at their last home European tie
    • https://gianlucadimarzio.com/it/calciomercato-dembele-futuro   Liverpool approach Barcelona for loan deal...allegedly. In Italian.   Translation:   A voice from Spain, a possible negotiation between Juventus and Ousmane Dembélé ready to take off, with the Barcelona striker tempted by an experience in Italy to relaunch after a few months in tone.   A news that however has no foundation, since the 1997 class has no desire to leave the club Blaugrana, preferring to play its chances there. In recent days, Liverpool had also tried an approach with the player and the club, offering a high loan with a right of redemption. Nothing to do, however, with Dembélé who stressed that he did not want to move from Barcelona.   The main goal of Juventus in the Blaugrana home is as known Arthur, but the Brazilian midfielder has not yet opened for the sale. The bianconeri have tried to insert the South American in an exchange with Pjanic, but at the moment the door remains closed.
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