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    • Oh just fuck off with the contradicting messages will you? Why have UEFA got a bee in their bonnet that next season has to start in August? if it's not safe at the end of June, why do these cunts think it's going to be ok in August?   This is behind a paywall on the telegraph so it's only a para or two but you get the drift.   The president of Uefa has warned “the season is probably lost” if the coronavirus crisis prevents football from returning before the end of June. Aleksander Ceferin revealed European football’s governing body had a “Plan A, B and even C” for resuming the campaign but admitted abandoning it was also under consideration. The Premier League, English Football League and Football Association have agreed an indefinite extension to the campaign but may be forced to scrap those plans if Uefa cancels this season’s Champions League and Europa League and schedules next term’s competitions to start before the English game can complete its own fixtures. “In this dramatic moment, the most important thing is people’s health and getting out of this crisis,” Ceferin told La Repubblica....   https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/03/28/season-lost-coronavirus-crisis-prevents-resumption-end-june/  
    • It's 9 games, why the fuck are they saying 6 weeks is needed. Just play Sat-Weds-Sat and you'll have it done in three. Most games won't matter anyway. For most teams get a couple of points or lose a few games and the season is done and dusted. If it's behind closed doors then there's little reason for some players to play either and they can get time off for rest before the next season starts and as they'll be no preseason tours this will work as preseason for most.     
    • Bearing in mind modern training methods, better pitches, increased levels of fitness, more scientific coaching and the fact that keepers are generally taller and more powerful than the keepers of 20 years ago, I find it difficult to accept that they've just become shit for no reason.  So I put it down to the pass back rule and the lighter, quicker, swervier ball. 
    • I'd lay a golden goose at the moment. Sick and tired of looking at the wife, playing FIFA and pretty much everything else. I want to fucking watch some football. When you return to pornhub, youporn, xhamster, redtube, xxxvideos and refresh every five minuttes to see if something new popped up, you just know your brain have turned to walking dead mode.
    • looking forward from the eightees. I'd say being a Tory Liverpool supporter would be impossible, but then again Football and politics should never be mixed. Somehow it always does though. Weird thing, but tory Liverpool supporters must be bandwagon jumpers, like all the gloryhunter ones City have got from Chelsea these past few years. Feels weird.
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