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Rodri: Liverpool are the best team I have faced

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Man City midfielder Rodri has played against his fair share of quality teams in his career to date but according to the 23 year-old, Liverpool stand out above all others.

The Spanish international who came through the ranks at Villarreal and Atletico Madrid, is currently in his first season in English Football, but he has seen enough for of the European Champions to be mightily impressed.

The Echo(via Goal) reported Rodri as saying

“On an individual basis I can say that Liverpool are the best team I have faced.

“They dominate at both ends of the field, they are very aggressive.

“ They dominate the lines well and that makes them a fearsome team.

But despite sitting 14 points behind the Reds on the table, the holding midfielder believes that there is still hope for the reigning champions. 

“They are very good, but anyone can beat them, so we are going to fight until the end.

“If we focus on Liverpool too much, we are wrong. 

“We would be better looking at ourselves and play as we did at Atletico under Simeone, game by game.

“You can't stop competing and that's what [Pep] Guardiola instils in us every day, that every game is a final."



This mindset was in stark contrast to his teammate Ilkay Gundogan who virtually raised the white flag earlier in the week.

“It's so far and a difficult season for us. There's already a huge gap in the Premier League between Liverpool and us. 

“We can't deny that the title race is already over for us. 

“We have to compete for the Champions League again next season and that's disappointing to be honest.


(It's) so early in the season to have such a huge gap and is not something we are used to.

“ No-one says if you are not successful in the Premier League then you can't be successful in the Champions League. 

“I think in the Champions League there are still all chances open."

No matter what thought process and potential mind games that come from the Blue side of Manchester, don’t expect Jürgen Klopp and his players to be caught up in it.


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“If we focus on Liverpool too much, we are wrong. 

“We would be better looking at ourselves and play as we did at Atletico under Simeone, game by game.


For him to have to mention his previous manager suggests even their players are aware of Guardiola's obsession with us. Must be a bit demoralising to come in having fought back to win from behind and instead of focusing on their achievement he's sulking about our own come back. 

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    • But that doesnt mean he wasnt a great player,he was.
    • Only 3 of those players played today.
    • I said hundreds of times over the past 10 years I'd accept relegation the following year if we could just win that illusive title. I think too many people forget just how far we were from winning the league. It was a dream, as less likely to win it than Spurs or Arsenal. We eventually beat a side to the title that had 300m worth of players on their bench today. We didn't get to celebrate it and we now we endure 90 repetitive minutes of souless football every week. Its fucking shite but its not real, when fans return Brighton, Everton, City and Fulham will turn up sitting themselves again.   Today was about sporting integrity,  we gave Burnley and Brighton 3 points, it would have been unfair on Fulham not to give them 3 too. 
    • I thought it wouldnt take long for you to drag Henderson into this,despite him not playing for a while. Milner has no stronger or weaker mental strength than Henderson and much as I love Mane and Mo,they are both as guilty for letting their heads drop too. Its not individual players,its the whole group and maybe even the manager too. They have given up and nobody knows exactly why. It cant help knowing you have lower league ability centre halves in the team but players with a 'winning mentality' would go the extra mile because of it. None of the players you mentioned,apart from VVD are any better than the rest in that respect.
    • Those words from Owen shows exactly what kind of person he is himself I reckon. That’s maybe how he would be thinking, putting himself and his dislike for a team mate first.   Salah and Mane may not be the best of mates, what the fuck do I know, but I dont for a second believe that either of them would act like that. That he even came up with this theory telles me that Owen is more of a self cemtered little twat than I ever thought he was.
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