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Salzburg (A) Champions League - 17:55

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3 hours ago, halewood pete said:

The Red machine rolls on.Fantastic result.I love this club



I couldn't be more delighted with them, nor ask any more.

I just wish, these days, that I liked football a lot more than I do.



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33 minutes ago, El Rojo said:

Fake news goal. Couldn’t have happened from that angle, as anybody with a passing interest in physics knows. Shot in a studio by Stanley Kubrick. 




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Pathetic attempts to embed youtube vid to play celebratory Interpol: My Desire victory music.


How do you embed vids? 


Guess I lit one up too early. 

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Just copy the address in the browser and paste into your post. It should convert to embed automatically.

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Alisson - 8

Trent - 7

Lovren - 8

Van Dijk - 9

Robertson - 8

Hendo - 7

Gini - 7

Keita - 8

Salah - 7 

Mane - 8

Firmino - 7



Gomez - 7

Milner - 7

Origi - 6

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We were great second half. Love how we moved the ball around quickly. 


Sadio was immense.


Was great seeing their players after the game - less interested in the shirts they had swapped than they were in getting a selfie with Mane.


Keita played well....seemed to enjoy having some space in which to work.




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Firmino was absolutely all over the place and not in a good way.  It felt like every time he had the ball he gave it away.  The one time he actually got in a dangerous position he shot from some laughable angle when Keita had a tap in.

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We have reached the final of every European competition we have played in under Jurgen and have won every two-legged game we have played in that same period. How is that even fucking possible from the position we were in when he arrived.

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