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Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

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Been saying all week this would be the one where we batter them. Leicester was Silva's last hurrah; they put absolutely everything into that. Tired legs, tired minds, tired old blues.

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Mane made that first time finish look like casually slotting it to the side of the keeper. Except from outside the box. Beautiful strike.

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    • So Gab Marcotti has significantly changed his tune.   Originally the PL were "stupid and pigheaded" for wanting to finish the season, they shouldn't have done that as UEFA needed leagues to submit to them which clubs they would be entering in their competitions by July so next seasons CL and Europa league could start on time.   Now, indefinitely postponing the UEFA competitions is "UEFA listening to it's 52 member associations and coming up with common sense solutions".   He'd also been going on about player contracts ending on 30th June and people far less intelligent than him hadn't thought of this. But now "unilaterally extending contracts is the least worst solution".   He's still a prick though.
    • Can't they just apply a points per game (ppg) total to the remaining games of the season?    Work out the ppg for both home and away fixtures already played and then apply either of these figures to the clubs remaining fixtures, the Home ppg achieved is applied to the home games yet to be played, then the same with away.    Maybe break the total ppg down into thirds and devise and apply some form of uplift or downshift based on some sort of form formula; e.g. If your ppg is higher in the final third of fixtures played, it shows that you're in form and you get a slight upwards adjustment in your ppg for the unplayed fixtures to account for this and vice versa.    Or just do what Belgium have. They've awarded the rightful champions the title that they have earned. 
    • I dont normally wish any ill on people but if that's correct, he really is being a fucking camel lipped bellend flip flopping all over the shop. I shouldnt really be thinking what should happen to him right now but, Im afraid, I am.
    • Sorry, this is behind a paywall again so is incomplete. Looks like the PL might be fucked if it does and fucked if it doesnt. From what you can read, it might seem that a broadcaster, maybe in the US(?) wants to recoup a bit of the money it has lashed out on tv rights?   Of course it has to win any legal case before it would get damages.   A lawyer from the Howard Kennedy firm has been instructed by the network to seek damages even if the season is completed.   One of the Premier League’s broadcast partners is threatening to sue it over its response to the coronavirus crisis, according to a leading media lawyer who says he has been instructed by the network.   Mark Stephens, of London law firm Howard Kennedy LLP, told Telegraph Sport that the unnamed “major” overseas rights holder could seek damages from the world’s richest league even if the season is completed.   Stephens said his client was upset at what he claimed had been a lack of engagement by the Premier League during the current crisis, one that has virtually wiped out live sport worldwide.   Broadcasters are already beginning to withhold fees due to sports bodies during the blackout, among them French network Canal+, which has halted payments for coverage of France’s Professional Football League....   https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/04/02/major-premier-league-broadcast-partner-threatens-sue-disdainful/
    • Rio on Wednesday: The pl need to get on the wheel and end the league now. Lives are at stake. Liverpool should have some decency.   Rio today: Not fair. There was no guarantee Liverpool would have won the league with so much left to play for. Spare a thought for Fulham fans. Great club with lovely fans. They need to take legal action.
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