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Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

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Just now, John102 said:

Streams seem all over the place. I havent got a clue if its still 2-1 or if Everton are winning here.

we lost 2-3

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If Mane keeps going the way he is he will be booked for ungentlemanly conduct. He is taking the piss out of these.

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Just now, 1892-LFCWasBorn said:

Lucky as fuck not to get a pen for that.

Never a Pen.  Cunt should have been booked for trying to get one.

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    • Where do we draw the line on statues?  Lovren, for the unforgettable/one of the greatest European nights ever Dortmund winner?   Everyone has their shiter players... Otamendi et al.    
    • Lovren & Lallana will be gone at the end of this season too. Lovren's a nightmare - hence he was 4th choice centre back, hence he was bombed out of the squad straight after Watford and hasn't even been seen on the bench since. Origi has his shortcomings, but he deserves a statue for his exploits when it counted last season. Comparing him to Adrian in the context of their Liverpool careers? I mean, come on ...
    • Yeah, but your subtext seems to be that he's some sort of a shifty, wage thief cunt, rather than... quite simply... not a world-class keeper.   So, if Virgil had've made a mistake that cost us an equaliser in a Cup match, if would have been OK, forgivable, because he's a "superior player" - probably on 80+K more a week than Adrian?   Blame Klopp then - he brought him in.   You'll Never Walk Alone, indeed.          
    • Those first-teamers are not the "peers" of our reserve keeper.  His outfield peers are the likes of Origi, Lovren and Lallana.   If you weigh the good stuff and the bad stuff, his contribution to the season has been about the same as theirs: the only difference is that if a keeper fucks up, there's nobody to cover for him.
    • That's exactly what he's doing. Do you really want to try and weigh up the positive/negative contributions of Adrian to Liverpool FCs 2019/20 season? I mean, we can do that if you want, and then we can evaluate his contributions versus that of his peers (Van Dijk, Salah, Mane, Alisson, Henderson, TAA, Robertson, Wij, Milner ... etc etc). This isn't some charity shop; he isn't an NHS worker or carer. He's an athlete on a multi-million £ contract, with multi-million £ options at the end of it as a result of being a player for LFC. His impact has been deeply negative. Hopefully the club learns from it and we get a more reputable back-up next time, just as we fixed our first-team 'keeper problem last time around.
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