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Liverpool 1 Napoli 1 (Nov 27 2019)

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Report by
Dave Usher


That was horrible. Just a thoroughly horrible experience from start to finish. The atmosphere around the ground beforehand was was horrible. The game was horrible. Our performance was horrible. The opposition were horrible and the referee was way, way beyond horrible. It was just fucking horrible.


If we never play Napoli again it will still be too soon. On the pitch they seem to be able to deal with us better than anybody we’ve faced in recent years, while off the field those fucking shithouse fans of theirs make it a really unpleasant experience both home and away. Why anyone would choose to go over there is beyond me. I’ve watched Gomorrah and Naples is the last place on earth I’d ever want to visit. Why put yourself at risk like that?


Our fans went over there and were not allowed any freedom, for their own protection as much as anything. It’s not safe. Those street rat ultras rule the roost over there and it seems the same is true when they come here. Why are they indulged like that? How are they allowed to be walking around town brandishing golf clubs and attacking random people? What the fuck are we doing allowing that shit?


Next time we play them, or Roma for that matter, don’t give them any fucking tickets. If that means they don’t give us any for the away game, fine. It’s 2019 and this kind of shit just shouldn’t be happening. I mean think about it. A group of a hundred or so scumbags were walking around town with fucking golf clubs. That just can't be allowed to happen. Ban the fuckers.


And if that’s not an option, then do unto others as they would do unto you. Next time as soon as they get off the plane, stick them on coaches and take to them to a designated area and keep the fuckers there until they are escorted to the ground. Why should they be allowed to just roam around causing aggro and attacking innocent bystanders? Why the fuck should the people of this city be subjected to that? Uncivilised backward thinking cunts.


I’ve never seen so many police at the game before. As I drove down County Road a couple of hours before, there was a helicopter hovering over Stanley Park and police vans and cars whizzing down the road with sirens blaring. Then when I met the lads and we were walking up to the ground, four police vans went racing past with a load of coppers in riot gear in them.


Outside the ground there were coppers everywhere (thankfully) and about half an hour before kick off a big mob of Napoli fans started kicking off outside the club shop. There was just a really unpleasant vibe about the whole night and enough is enough. Why are we running the risk of another Sean Cox incident? Either ban them or segregate them. Don’t just let them walk around in a big mob attacking people. Or split them up into small groups, let's see how fucking hard they are then. I guarantee you won't hear a peep out of them when they aren't in a mob of at least fifty.



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Don't get me wrong - they've got our number and clearly know how to shut us down and that's to be applauded - but they've taken four points off us this year and it's all been referee assisted. They got a late penalty that wasn't in the first group game, then a player who commits a foul (and a fucking foul it was, he doesn't look at the ball once, just at Virgil, waiting for him to get to the top of his jump where he's most vulnerable then *nudge* - so he's off balance on his way back down) gets a goal at our gaff. Way more contact in that incident last night than Robbo's penalty but they get the soft one and we don't. Nothing but contempt for that useless preening cunt in charge last night.


Spot on about their ultras as well. Absolute neanderthals and I don't want that kind of shit within a hundred fucking miles of us ever again. Cunt club, cunt fans.

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Think they were flag poles rather than golf clubs. Think the photo going looks like it because of an out of focus trainer looking like the head of a club. 

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No problem in giving Trent a rest but, if we do, we need more creativity in midfield. The Ox should have started probably instead of Millie.


Very flat performance that, on this occasion, was not disguised by the result.

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On the game, one word, Ancelotti.


But how the fuck were people allowed to even get on a plane carrying golf clubs never mind get off them at John Lennon!? Or did they stop of a Sports Direct and buy a club each?


Jesus, if this was Liverpool fans going on tour tooled up, you'd never hear the last of it and UEFA would be facing calls to chuck us out the competition. So how come I cant find a word about it in neither the national press or Echo?

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As pointed out earlier in the thread, they weren't golf clubs, they were flag poles. Although on one of the photos it looks incredibly like a golf club.

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Yep, that was a frustrating evening and a big missed opportunity. I don't think Klopp got this one right, we knew they would be shithouses and play for the draw so why have a midfield of Milner, Fabino and Henderson who for all their qualities are not likely to unpick tight defences. 


Two things are doing my head in at the moment - firstly, why can't we keep a clean sheet anymore? I can't put my finger on a reason because it's not individual errors, we just don't seem to be shutting out the opposition as consistently as last year. Secondly, why oh why are we coasting through every first half playing at a slow, ponderous tempo that eventually invites the other team to have a go at us? We only seem to pick up intensity when we are a goal down or have managed to reach half time without conceding.


I don't believe it's a tactical decision to start so poorly, sure we may be playing the ball around to wear down the opposition's legs but that doesn't excuse the disjointed displays and the lack of urgency that characterises so many of our recent games, especially away from home.


Klopp may have to shake up the team and bring in some fresher legs but then there's a danger that we drop off in the mentality monsters stakes

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I thought Hendo was the best of the bad bunch. Top of the dross shouts were made by Robbo, Bobby and Mo. 


Echoing beejay above, I'm hating that we're consistently failing to keep clean sheets. And OK, we scored from a corner, but the amount of shite corners were killing me. Rule 1: GET IT PAST THE FIRST MAN. Is that asking too much? When one corner from the left (Robbo, I think) curled out before it entered the pitch, it reminded me of a "big" final years back (was it some world club champions winners final final or something) when we had two of those fuckers in one game. I can't remember the last time I saw another club have even one of those. 


They were generally packing out defence. Last man Virge was always playing well inside their half. If they're playing so deep and are doing it well, it's going to be hard to play through. Sadio and Mo got absolutely no joy trying. Once Millie managed it. So if that's the case, here are some options:

* don't play from so high up the pitch. If they've got eleven men behind the ball, squashing nine of ours into that space isn't going to help. 

* have fucking loads of shots from outside the box. Fucking loads. Deflections. Second-balls. 

* when we're breaking out from one of their rare forays into our half, dont hold up play to let others join in. 


Easy this managing lark. 

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Was disappointed after we scored that we didn't go more at them to get the winner. Loss or draw didn't matter so we should have just stuck Virg up front for the last 15 and hit balls into him to knock down.

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