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Featured: That was the week that was (Nov 16-22 2019)

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Saturday Nov 16:


Jesus, Dom Matteo is seriously ill. There’s some talk that it was a brain tumour and he’s already been operated on. Scary shit. He was only on LFC TV last week and looked fine. Hopefully he comes through this. Awful business. Stay strong, Dom. 

Meanwhile, a mad week for Gomez ends with him being sent home from the England squad with a knee injury after an accidental clash with Trippier, who will no doubt get a standing ovation by the England fans tomorrow. Hendo has been sent home too, as he’s still suffering with the virus that caused him to miss Genk and only last for 60 minutes against City. He’s had that for over a week and still isn’t right, so that makes his display against City all the more impressive. I can’t even get out of bed when I’m ill (and sometimes when I’m not), but here’s Hendo running wild against City. What a guy.


As for Joe, as long as this injury is nothing serious then this is a good thing. Get him back to Melwood into the loving arms of Klopp and the lads. Apparently he was pretty upset about the booing and I daresay he’s still shaken up about having to deal with all the other unexpected shit too.


Being back around Carol and Caroline and the rest of the staff at Melwood will help, and I’m sure Milner will be there ready to take the piss out of him and make light of it all. Wouldn’t be surprised if Milner has the lads greet him with boos when he walks in.


Virg is away with Holland but was asked about it all as Gomez is his boy. You could see the disapproval all over his face. I reckon Virg thinks Sterling is a cunt. I always remember the way he just dumped him on the floor last year when Sterling had landed on top of him. There was utter disdain in that and I’m sure he also remembered Sterling not voting for him for Player of the Year last season too. And there was that snide challenge on Sunday of course. Next time we play City I can see Virgil launching Sterling into orbit.

Sunday Nov 17:

Virg is coming back early too, having left the Holland squad due to ‘personal reasons’. Maybe he’s coming back to beat the shit out of Sterling for messing with his little bro?


Also today, Lallana is said to be interesting PSG. Probably bollocks, but he’s a free agent in the summer and if they are now having to cut their cloth according to FFP rules then their days of big spending are over. Lallana would probably thrive over there, but West Ham on a 150k a week deal still seems most likely. It’s what they do. I’m still amazed they didn’t take Sturridge.


Speaking of whom, has anyone heard anything of him since he went to Turkey? I hear more updates on Karius than Studge, which seems weird. Probably been injured.

Wow, Everton finally won at Anfield today, as Liverpool Women continued their winless start to the season. That’s it, don’t let them play at Anfield again. Completely unacceptable. 



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Rancid, that kind of shit. At Southampton away a few years ago their fans were absolutely baying for Lovren’s blood, booing wildly every time the ball went to him. Our end started cheering him just as loudly to drown it out. Next thing, a group of them screamed out “Stand up if you’ve fucked his wife” and most of the ground stood up jeering. Think Klopp took him off at half time if I remember rightly because he was struggling badly. Proper fucking dirty that and something which will make me very happy indeed to see the mutants go down this season if it happens.

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