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City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

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Sterling’s faux hard man act was hilarious. I thought Gomez was going to pummel him.


Pep crying at Oliver, who just looked at him like he was a twat.


The national fume will be strong after this. Love it.

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They lost 3-1. We got the shit end of VAR at Old Trafford and we didn't concede 2 more goals, if you're good enough you'll do what it takes. City didn't have the minerals.

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Textbook performance. We were never going to shut them down completely but the defending was physical, we had great composure on the ball and we were so clinical. What a victory. 

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1 minute ago, TheDrowningMan said:

Guardiola’s protracted meltdown is an hilarious spectacle, but in all seriousness, he looks like someone who needs a break.

He's really not a good loser. Your oil soaked side shipped three goals. Massive result.

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1 minute ago, viRdjil said:

Yeah 8 points clear off Leicester.

Ah, couldn't hear it clearly over the sound of myself ripping the cock off myself.


Away over to blue moon until the post match interviews.

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Just now, Elite said:

They lost 3-1. We got the shit end of VAR at Old Trafford and we didn't concede 2 more goals, if you're good enough you'll do what it takes. City didn't have the minerals.

This. There was one contentious decision in the game. Refereeing can go either way. If you fold and lose it the second it doesn't go your way, you don't deserve sympathy. City were good, they were just not good enough. You hate to see it. 

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Pep meltdown incoming in 3...2...1.....


Men against Billionaires.


Good game of football and always nice to be on the winning side come the final whistle. That'll hurt City a lot harder than most think, especially as they have a few weeks to stew on it. 


I know they created enough, especially down our right, but we were just that bit better at crossing and sticking the ball in the back of the net. Fully deserved the win and it was an Allround team performance. TAA and Robbo were magnificent though and those two runs by TAA, one in each half were out of this World, you could see the lad was up for it.

Augero play like Lazareth so they stuck Jesus on, and he was shit as well. Think he touched the ball 4 times in over 20 minutes. 

Think I'll watch MOTD 2 tonight, although they'll spend more time debating the stuff that went against City than about the fact we beat the cunts 3-1. 

One last thing....Fuck off Guardiola, you massive fucking bitter prick. 

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    • In terms of our Mike's excursion at Speke, seems a real possibility there was trouble with the RET (Rapid Exit Taxiway). Very near where the plane ended up, not only is there a massive change in the taxiway surfacing, but in dark/murky/rainy conditions, I wouldn't want to be using the white line on the right as a reference point; the surfacing suddenly changes from tarmac/concrete to grass. Here's a pic. Don't forget the plane would be exiting the runway and entering this taxiway from right to left...      Now you're talking my language. Don't miss out on the French lot BEA as well. Some decent stuff on there.    They did a great video of an Airbus windshear incident on takeoff from Bogota...   
    • Don Carlo: Everton! Fuck that.   *Advisor whispers something in his ear.   Don Carlo: 60 goals! Tell them I'll forfeit my signing bonus.
    • Their lists of firsts and reasons why a top class manager should jump at the chance to manage them is pathetic. Like me suggesting Scarlett Johansson would take me because of my Air Training Corp Wing Blue for throwing the discus back in the 80s, along with double jointed thumb and ability to do a perfect kermit the Frog impression. Hey if I thought it would work I'd try.    Ancelotti is probably knocking one out to the list of glorious firsts that Everton parade instead of silverware. Aren't they one of only two clubs to not win anything this century? Accrington were a founder member of the football league, along with Preston NE and Notts County (and others), it means fuck all. So you had underground heating first big fucking deal.    They have spent a small fortune in the last few years to end up even worse, most of that spending still owed to their owner. Some of that involved selling their best players and buying shite in return, that rarely if ever ends well. They go on about their new stadium and the debt that will bring like it will entice any prospective manager. BMD is all they can see as the answer to all of their problems when actually it's just a massive problem that could eventually sink them.   Most football managers do not live in a bubble, they know what's going on and often far more than the fans. Any manager they target won't have to do much homework to see what a poisoned chalice that place is. That doesn't mean someone won't take it, these days taking a premiership manager job often entails you getting sacked eventually and being financially sorted for life.    I can see the mancs smashing them this weekend, they had a little bounce against Chelsea but the rot has set in there. Fair play to Moshiri IF he manages to convince a top class manager and gives him funds, that could help them to catch up with the other teams in the mid table and might even at a stretch end their long wait for silverware. But will that appease the bitters? Probably not, as we set the bar ever higher their chance of getting close to it fades even further away. We all know that being above us is the only thing that makes them happy.         
    • Yes superb , the time he crossed to Salah who stuck it in and the camera caught him going yess was brilliant. The best.
    • Andy Robertson has confidently claimed that no team would want to play Liverpool in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

      No team has a better record in the competition over the last two years than the Reds as they finished runner/up to Real Madrid in 2017/8 and then going one better last season against Tottenham.

      It is that statistical fact that Robertson knows will play on the mind of their opponents when we reach the crunch games of the competition.

      Sky Sports reported the left-back as saying:

      “We respect every opponent we play but we know the way we have done things in the last two years and nobody wants to play against us and that is clear - but it is up to us to keep proving that.

      “We cannot rely on that and we need to keep proving why people don't want to play against us but, so far, we have done that.

      “ We will wait for the draw and see who we get in the last 16. 

      “We know it will be tough regardless but we look forward to the challenge as we want to go far in this tournament again."  

      Along with the overall quality of the Liverpool side, it is also the level of respect which Robertson says has been well earned across Europe.

      “That is the atmosphere we have created in the last two years, a team which has been to the final twice and has obviously lost one and won one and we are respected in this tournament.

      “ Maybe the first season when we went to the final, I don't think we were really respected until maybe after the quarter-final when we went to Porto and washed them away.

      “ We did not get the respect we deserved. 

      “Now, we know we are respected in Europe.   "No one will want us but everyone who gets into the last 16 will fancy themselves."

      But Robertson says that they are no longer the underdogs and have a big target on their back.

      “We know that now, we are the champions and everyone wants to beat us.

      “ That is what we have to deal with and hopefully we can deal with it well. 

      “But there are about 40 games between now and the last 16 (in February) - so we will worry about that when the time comes."

      Robertson also paid tribute to midfielder Naby Keita who has been a star performer of late.

      “Our squad is full of quality and unfortunately for Naby this season, he has picked up an injury which has kept him out a bit and he came back and the midfield has done so well.

      “But he has had an opportunity in the last two games and he has been excellent. He has added to our options and that is what we need to create.

      “Naby replicates what this team is about. He was the man of the match on Saturday and again (against Salzburg) he was excellent.   "Long may that continue."

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