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City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

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Premier League Redshite conspiracy in full flow.


Drury screaming “beautiful” as he doesn’t realise the City header went wide.

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Just now, Special K said:

Hit Silva's hand first so the commentary team can fuck off

Doesn't count apparently.  Le Saux logic.

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    • I think Henderson is the normal exception of a keeper coming through, he'll either end up back in Salford or he'll be at a better club than sheff United next season imo. And even if he stays there, he won't be their player. 
    • It's all idle speculation at the moment.   Football will be back when it's safe to do so, until then it's not even worth thinking about    Any notion of scraping this season and starting up again in June will be impossible anyway.   Normality ain't resuming for a long time.    Much more important issues for everyone in the world right now. 
    • The prize money pot would have to be voided too, no teams would get anything. Pretty sure the tv companies wouldn’t pay monies owed or due and that pot of money is shared amongst the clubs, each club receive equal shares from that pot and the rest is performance related. Huddersfield got 96m for finishing bottom last season. Maybe the relegation threatened clubs would agree to it being voided for the financial promises of staying in the Prem, but most clubs wouldn’t want to lose that sort of money. Even the Blueshite (received 130m last season) with there last accounts being so bad, losing that sort of money could be disastrous. The season will have to be finished, never mind all these cunts in the media and ex pros talking shite, money and TV will ultimately decide what’s happening. 
        The twenty Premier League member clubs received a total payout of $3B (£2.46 at 1.21 exchange) for 2018/19. With a new three-season rights cycle kicking in it is expected that the overall payout will increase by more than $220M (£180M).  What is really interesting is that domestic rights dropped by $484M (£400M) but the sale of overseas rights more than made up the shortfall. Foreign broadcasters stepped up and added $1.33B (£1.1B) to the pot over the three-year cycle. However, there is a change in the allocation of the prize money for 2019/20. Up until 2018/19 any revenue from foreign rights were distributed equally over the 20 teams. Effective this new season equal distribution will be grandfathered to the 2016-19 level but the increase for 2019-22 will be allocated based on merit i.e. finishing position in the league.  Although the Premier League formula will remain the most equitable of any of Europe's big leagues it won't be quite as equitable as before.     
    • After all the panicking over leagues 3-7 in divisions and teams most haven’t heard of being cancelled here is maybe some good news....   Coronavirus: FA wants Women's Super League season completed by August https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52056558
      Liverpool are in the relegation zone so wouldn’t  mind that being null and voided....    
    • Stupid knob. I was sympathetic regarding the poppy situation but that is ridiculous.
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