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    • Welcome to Timo Werner, Liverpool FC. 
    • Raiola or Jordan. Tough call. Both horrible slimey little bastards.
    • A couple of days later, the Mancs are in the news offering said brat free tickets and a stadium tour as a "loyal supporter".   I really didn't like the original story. It really felt to me like something our marketing department had dreamt up to make us look all virtuous. "Here Jurgy, look at this kid's letter. I'll draft a reply, just sign it will you? Then I'll make sure it makes the press. OK? "Jawohl. Das ist ein gutten idea."  *Mancs offer kid Old Trafford stadium tour and free tickets* "Donner und blitzen vass ist diss? Diese Manc schweinhunds haven gott von uber on me gottdammit." "Erm sorry Jurgy, I'll get me trenchcoat."   That horse bolted over a year ago Dave. He's a waste of time and hope. He's the modern-day Harry Kewell only more fragile. If he were a goalkeeper he'd be a pre-Kiev Karius without the appearances. I'm afraid I think Jurgen's perseverance with both Karius and now Keita isn't amongst his finest decisions.   Hahahahahaaaaah "...none of  City's players has won it." You idiot Sterling, "has" not "have". What a dick. Everyone knows it's "has". *Looks round proudly*  *Keeps looking* *waits a bit longer* *shuffles off disappointed*  
    • Steven Gerrard has spoken about the satisfaction in the development of Jordan Henderson as he stands on the brink of lifting Liverpool’s first league trophy in three decades.

      Following in the footsteps of one of Liverpool’s greatest ever players was never an easy task, let alone someone like the former Sunderland man who already had plenty of doubters regarding whether he had what it took to succeed at a top club.

      While there have been ups and downs there is little doubt that the skipper has come into his own and is a fine all-round midfielder and leader of men.

      Speaking to former teammate Danny Murphy for a wide ranging piece in the Mail on Sunday, Gerrard said Henderson was prepared to work his backside off for the good of the team.

      "We both know there are players who are "at it" every day and I appreciated Jordan's power and fitness by training with him. 

      “Some players play for themselves, Jordan does the dirty running, grappling for second balls, 12 or 13km Saturday and Wednesday, again and again. 

      “Teams can't function at Liverpool's level without a cog like Jordan Henderson. He's obviously going be a Premier League winner. 

      “I look at him and think: good for you.”

      Gerrard recalls a time when he had a heart to heart conversation with Henderson a few years ago when his future looked anything but certain.

      "I remember a chat with Jordan in LA a while ago and he wasn't sure whether he was coming or going at the club. 

      “I remember saying to him don't give up on Liverpool, you'll be fine.   "I knew what he had inside and that he would get there.   "You know with certain people.   "He has lifted the European Cup above his head.

      “He has that confidence now."  

      Gerrard also touched on the respect and pride he has for one of his contemporaries in Frank Lampard for taking on the Chelsea job under difficult circumstances and his wish to rekindle that rivalry on the touchline in the years ahead.

      But for know, his greatest admiration is for the man currently in the Anfield hot seat. 

      “Klopp has this stature.   "When he walks in a room, it's "Whoa,"

      "If he was your manager you'd think "I am running here".   "This Liverpool team are monsters and it's come from him the moment he arrived.

      “For the players to have that level of respect for their manager in a modern dressing room is special. 

      “You can see everyone is tuned in, physically and mentally. 

      “To get that from your players is a tough nut to crack.   "And I sense Liverpool is growing again around the world.”
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