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    • Yeah - for a £50 million midfielder, I'm most interested in the clinical pieces of skill - the goals, the assists, the 'De Bruyne quality'. Maybe that's an error of thinking on my part overlooking those other items. I do think that those other items can be inflated in the context of a team game. Are Keita's 'pressing-stats' (however those are defined) any better than Wijnaldum's? Henderson's? That's a genuine question - because playing in the greatest team in the world I would sort of expect metrics like 'passing the ball forward' to be very high, by definition of the way the team plays and the movement of our world class players around him, but maybe its not the case. 30 odd games, couple of goals and a couple of assists. From a 50 million £ midfielder who is playing 'well'? hmm
    • Spot on. There is shithousery then their is plain brutal cheating. Ramos is king of both. That was unreal and UEFA didn’t do fuck all. Mind you I’m sure VAR wouldn’t see anything wrong with it either. Expect to see similar when we play Atletico in a few weeks. An early goal for us is vital because they will be at it from kick off. If we make them have to actually play football we should go through. Can see it getting toxic very quickly. 
        The thing that bothers me the most is they savour it after the game as if winning by cheating is the way to do it. 
        I struggle to think of a top class player (I’m not including dicks like Barton etc obviously) who is or ever has been as much of a snidey shitbag as Ramos. 
    • I think managers tactically are as good as what they've experienced/learned as a player and critically, who they've learned from. They can build on that with their own learnings but they have to be obsessive students of the game and analytical thinkers.   That's why Jürgen and Guardiola are the best tactically, because they've learned from people acknowledged as being innovators tactically, plus they've dedicated to their craft.   I'd question whether many of the top English players really have that level of dedication to the analytical element of honing tactics at the top level. It's why as much as Id love it, I'd harbour doubts about Gerrard ever managing us.   I'm completely ignoring the man management aspect here, which is innate to the individual. If Jürgen wasn't manager of us, he could be a leader in any field because he's a born leader/inspirer of men and he's also an incredible, inspirational one in a million human.
    • I literally can’t believe everyone doesn’t see everything the exact same way I do. If only they could drop their bias and prejudice (clearly the only reason they don’t agree with me) they’d see what I do with my perfectly untrammelled objectivity, as confirmed by the ultimate authority on such matters; myself.                                                                                                                                                                    
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