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Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

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6 minutes ago, Carvalho Diablo said:

Yet more abysmal officiating; missing a blatant offside when stood bang in front of the keeper 6 yards out, and booking Brewster for daring to kick a ball in open play. 


Fucking useless these cunts. 

Is this satire? The offside (while it was offside) was by a couple of inches when paused and was moving back inside as it was kicked so looked even closer - hardly blatant.


and the Brewster one wasn’t in open play - it was out of the keepers hands. That’s been a definite yellow for a couple of decades that.

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3 minutes ago, moof said:

People need to fucking relax a bit, you know. This is absolute bottom on our list of priorities for the season


Fuck off man. No Liverpool fan needs to be okay with losing and going out in a cup. 


We're all aware it's our lowest priority. Doesn't mean we hope to lose it. More importantly, doesn't mean we should be happy all of our senior players are playing so terribly.

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