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    • The FA Cup is still a good tournament and of course has given us some of our most memorable moments in the last 20 years, but it's not a priority this season so I'm not too arsed about it. Neither is Jurgen by the looks of it. Can't blame Jurgen for being livid at us not beating Shrewsbury in the first game. That performance was one of the worst I've seen from us in years, and it was a pretty strong lineup considering who we were playing. Had the team done what was expected we wouldn't be having this fallout over the replay.  It's really been the first major headache of the season, caused by a League One team!
    • I'd be surprised if it isn't a full house or damn near it
    • To all the people moaning about Klopp saying he'll sit this one out and hand the duties over to Critchley, ponder this for a moment.   You head up a large project at your company, and have been working flat out on it for well over a year. You've been at the company for almost 5 years and have gain the trust and support of everyone around you as you've built up a track record for continuous improvement of everyone around you.   You've made significant strides, partly thanks to sacrificing a fair amount of time off, to the point where you and your company are now thought to be the world leader in the field. You've even had to do it while a few of your best employees are seconded to another department at inopportune times. You've had a couple of side projects clash in terms of their timing, handing the slack for one of them to a trusted colleague. You've chosen to oversee the other because it represents a big opportunity for your company and will go a long way towards making your main project a success.   A few months ago, you booked a holiday from work, planning a short trip to somewhere nice in February. It's the only time you could fit in a break even though you really wanted it earlier. It's a break that will help you take a step back and recharge before allowing you to renew focus on your main goal. You've already spoken with colleagues to manage the project in your absence so everything carries on a normal as possible, just as you did with one of those side projects a couple of months ago.   It's February and you're now on said holiday, when your boss rings you up and summons you back home to work on a little side project that's been dropped on your desk. Your boss has done this because he/she has had pressure from higher up.   How do YOU deal with that situation?
    • You don’t have to not make excuses to not be an excuses guy but you are making excuses. Or something. 
        We’re on page 3!
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