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Featured: That was the week that was (Sep 28 - Oct 4 2019)

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Saturday Sep 28:


Sheff Utd 0 L 1 Jeez that was hard going. If we’d taken our chances it would have been comfortable, but that was a really tough game and they’re a much better side than I thought they were. They shut down a lot of the space we like to play in and we never got going at all.


We’ve got so much talent that we’ll create chances even when we’re not playing well and Mo and Sadio both missed sitters, but I’m willing to bet that at the end of the season when we look back at the toughest games we had, this will be top five. There might be games where we have worse results, but few will give us a more difficult game than these.


Not that Chris Wilder was taking any comfort in that. I like him so far. I like how he doesn’t like being patted on the head and told how plucky his team are. He says he expects maximum effort and doesn’t give credit for it. He rightly said this was a missed opportunity as we had an off day and they could have taken advantage of it but didn’t because they missed chances and the keeper fucked up.


In other news today, a complaint has been made about Hillsborough chants from Man United fans - at a women’s match. I’m not even surprised as for years I heard them doing it in reserve games. They’d turn up in their thousands just to sing about scouser, the fucking obsessed weirdos. 


Looks like this Nike thing is going to happen and we’ll be taking a lower up front payment because we get a share of the sales. Nike are going to use their big stars like LeBron James and Serena Williams to help promote us.


Interesting. You know who else is a “Nike Athlete”? Mbappe. And you must have seen the video of Klopp with him and his Dad at the FIFA Awards last week. There was a familiarity there between Klopp and Mbappe’s Dad that immediately jumped out at me. You don’t greet someone you hardly know in that manner. Those two know each other, which points to talks having taken place at some point.


I’ve already convinced myself he’ll be playing for us next season and Nike will be helping to finance it.

Sunday Sep 29:


We might be thrown out of the League Cup after fielding an ineligible player. Apparently Chirivela didn’t have international clearance. Not sure why he’d even need it seeing as how he’s been here forever, but the club reckon it’s the FA’s fault. Worst case scenario we get kicked out, best case we get away scot free and middle ground is a significant fine.


I could be wrong, but I don’t see any way we get kicked out because who the hell wants to watch MK Dons v Arsenal in the next round? Money talks and the TV companies and sponsors will want us playing Arsenal.


There is a precedent for this too, Sunderland were fined for doing something similar, so I’m not worried about this at all. Actually, if they did kick is out I wouldn’t be arsed, so that probably explains why I’m not worried.


Meanwhile, last week I said I wondered what Sterling made of all this Bernardo stuff. Well now we know. Or at least we know what he has said publicly about it. I find it hard to believe he thinks this way privately:


"It's a situation between two friends, Bernardo and Mendy, as everyone knows. I can see exactly the point where some people can get touchy-feely on it but I feel in that situation Bernardo made a joke to his friend".


The whole ‘joke to his friend’ thing just doesn’t wash because he did it on social media for the world to see. Send him it via text and its a joke between two friends and the only thing that matters is what Mendy thinks of it. Posting it on twitter takes it into a whole different realm and it’s no longer just about Mendy.


"I feel it's really sad to see someone like Bernardo, the whole week, be kind of down about it because he's not that way inclined. I keep going on about it, they're really good friends, it's really sad to see. He's not in the wrong for me but at the same time I can see where people think it's wrong and we just need to be smarter on social media.


"We understand in this day and age anything you say and anything you do can quickly be judged and it's really just a sad situation in this moment in time. There's not one moment he uses a negative term to speak about his skin colour so that's the most important thing. He tried to make a joke and that joke wasn't the best, but we've got to move on and understand it was not intentional."


All of that is spot on, but this part seems fucking mental to me: "He's not referred to his skin colour, he's not referred to his lips. In both the pictures they've both got small heads, you know. The most important thing for me is he didn't refer to a colour."


He didn't refer to a colour!!! He didn't need to, the fucking cartoon did that for him. Jesus Christ. I wonder how Sterling would have felt if some randomer on twitter had sent him a message making a similar comparison?


I get that he’s in a difficult spot here as it’s his team-mate who by all accounts is a nice fella liked by everyone. But fucking hell, ‘he’s not referred to skin colour or his lips’ is weak as fuck.



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