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Featured: That was the week that was (Aug 24-30 2019)

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Saturday August 24:


L 3 Arsenal 1 Did any of you expect anything else today? Seriously, did any of you think we might not win this game? I couldn’t have been any less worried. I knew we’d beat them and I knew if we played anywhere near our best level it wouldn’t even be close.


It wasn’t that long ago that Arsenal were better than us. Now the gap is as big as it’s been since… I don’t know, maybe since they were ‘the Invincibles’. Arsenal should be made up to com away with just a 3-1 defeat as they were utterly dominated.


These are special times. The football we play is sensational and Anfield is an impregnable fortress now. Arsenal didn’t help themselves with how they approached the game, but it didn’t really matter what they did, they were always going to get smashed because we’re miles better than them.


All over the pitch we’re great. The midfield still has it’s doubters and some of the concerns are legit, but in games like this they’re great. They swarmed all over Arsenal and the energy and relentless pressure was just too much.


The front three were right on it and the defence was superb too. They deserved a clean sheet, although Arsenal did miss two sitters in the first half so we can’t feel too hard done by.


What’s all the shite about Virgil being dribbled past by Pepe though? It’s not really important, but it’s still irrationally annoyed me. If someone dribbles past him then good luck to them, the statistic doesn’t really mean much other than it’s a funny little thing to throw at rivals fans, but I’m to having that his record went today because it fucking didn’t.


Pepe didn’t dribble past him. He knocked the ball past him and legged it. Virgil went back with him, stayed goal side at all times and then nicked the ball off him. In what world is that classed as a successful dribble? Load of old bollocks that.


Sunday August 25:


Bobby Duncan is being linked with Fiorentina now. Something is amiss here. Last week he was the subject of a failed bid by a Scandinavian club. When players keep being linked with other clubs it’s either because the club wants rid and is trying to generate interest, or because the agent is hawking them around. 


Pretty sure LFC don’t want shut of him, so that leaves the agent. It’s weird though because if you look at Bobby’s twitter he’s the biggest ‘dream come true’ ‘I love the Reds I do’ fanboy since Adam Morgan. Why on earth would he want to leave, especially when the deals being mooted are not just season long loans, they’re permanent.


Meanwhile, Lovren is now being linked with a move to Germany. Sick of this now. The sooner this window is closed the better. As much as I like the idea of the window closing before the season starts, it’s been rendered completely pointless by the fact that it’s open for everyone else. It needs to be the same for everyone in future.



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When this kind of thing (Duncan) happens it’s always easy to jump on little bits and bobs, but his “Big players score in big games, know what I mean?” after the youth cup final jumped out waving its arms as to his ego.


Trent got told live on tv the opener yesterday had been awarded as an own goal and didn’t blink before saying it doesn’t matter and its about the team. It’s so obvious that’s the attitude and mantra Klopp has installed through the whole club.


Always good to see a bit of spirit and someone backing themselves, but yeah, this lad gives off all the signs especially as this tit of an agent wasn’t even with him when he left City under a cloud.

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11 hours ago, Bad Red Bull said:

From what people say, Glatzel is more highly rated than Duncan, isn't he?

He was, but... Duncan has two functioning knees.

We’re months away from knowing if Glatzel will play again.

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The one thing you missed out about Duncan’s agent was his Twitter conversation with Collymore in which he insinuated some employers should be allowed to discriminate against workers with mental health problems, which came to light after he’d played the mental health card. Massive twat.

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Spot on about Duncan. Especially after the latest rumour that he could be off to Italy. Just the type of thing you do if you are depressed, go to a foreign country where you have no family, no friends and can't speak the language. (OK, I'm assuming he can't speak the language here.) The only thing he's depressed about is the fact he's been outed as a self entitled little cunt. 

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