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Featured: That was the week that was (Aug 17-23 2019)

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Saturday Aug 17:


Southampton 1 L 2  You know, it’s easy to pick holes in performances sometimes and if we’re being honest, there was a lot about this one that wasn’t good. But when you consider what the boys had to contend with this week, they were never going to be at their absolute best and it’s therefore pointless analysing the performance too much. All that matters is finding a way to win, and they did. They nearly always do these days. “Mentality Monsters”.


If Adrian doesn’t make that horrendous fuck up we win this one comfortably and we’re all talking about what a good away display that was. The first was shite, but we played pretty well second half and it was only that blunder that made things a bit hairy. Adrian got away with it big time there though because if Ings hadn’t missed that sitter soon after then everyone would be taking about him. Like Alisson at Leicester last year though, it didn’t cost us so we can look back and laugh. He needs to be much more careful in future though because that casual shit just isn’t acceptable.


Thing is though, this is almost inevitable now because managers want their keepers to play out from the back. It doesn’t matter how good they are with their feet (and Adrian is decent), it’s risky and at some point they’ll get caught out. I’m not necessarily saying I want my keeper to launch it all the time, but equally he doesn’t need to always be looking to play fucking slide rule passes to his defenders either.


On a positive note though, how good was it seeing Ox back in midfield and playing like that? All things being equal, with everyone fit and one their best form, I think he makes my best eleven you know. Maybe not for every game and a lot of it is opposition dependant (no problem with the ‘three grafters’ set up when we play top sides), but Ox gives us that something a bit different from the others. I just hope he can stay fit now.


Also today, I watched the last half an hour of the u18s game today and it was great entertainment. They beat stoke 3-2 with a last minute winner, and what a goal it was. 16 year old Layton Stewart latched onto a brilliant ball by Jake Cain and finished with a mid-air flicked volley lob over the keeper. Firmino-esque it was. He’s supposed to be one to watch. I didn’t see much of him prior to the goal but that finish was so fucking good.


There’s a big French lad at the back who caught the eye too. Billy Koumetio. He’s 16 but physically he stands out at this level in the way Big Virg does at senior level. I’m gonna try and watch the 18s as much as I can this year.


Sunday Aug 18:


So it seems that with yesterday’s win, Klopp became the fastest Liverpool manager to reach 300 points. He doesn’t have a league title to show for that but as I keep saying, none of the sides of the past had to deal with anything like Guardiola’s Man City. I maintain this is the best side we’ve ever had, and although this stat doesn’t really mean a great deal in the grand scheme of things, I feel as though it’s more validation to my view that this team right now is our best ever. The mad thing is is only feels like yesterday that we were being subjected to the weekly comparison with Brendan’s points tally.


Meanwhile, Marko Grujic says that former team-mate Phil Coutinho “will be the best player in Germany”. Second best, surely? I mean come on big fella, where’s your self belief? I’m not sure Coutinho will even be the best player at Bayern, let alone the whole league. It all depends on how much his confidence has been knocked by Barca. 


I wouldn’t have worried about that if we’d brought him back, as Klopp could probably even have me thinking I could go out there and score 30 goals a season (I guarantee my mate John is reading this and thinking “not sure about 30, but you could defo get 25”). Klopp would have had Coutinho back to his old self in no time. Whether Bayern’s coach can do that or not who knows, and frankly now, who cares. I’m interested to see how he does there, but I’m neither rooting for nor against him.


Timo Werner is reportedly running down his contract and will be a free agent next summer. Bayern are favourites to get him but we’re STILL being linked with, even though when you actually stop and think about it, we’ve never really done anything to suggest we’re in the slightest bit interested in him. We might be if he’s on a free though. Bet he ends up at Juve though, the bargain bin rummaging through tightwad fucks. 


Shaq is making some noises about not being satisfied. Nothing he said was especially dramatic but it was enough to give the click baiters what they crave. Basically he thinks he should play more and is hoping to find a solution. Nothing to see here really, he’s got a point but until he gets out on the pitch and actually gets the chance to show he should play more, he can’t really do anything about it.


He’s not going to start much and I think he understands that, as there are world class players ahead of him. I think his frustration (and mine) comes from the fact that when subs are made late in games that are in the bag, he still doesn’t usually get on. If Milner is on the bench, Klopp will always bring him on at some point. Same with Hendo actually. Shaq’s problem is that Ox, Lallana and Origi will also be sent on before him. I feel sorry for him, he’s too good to never play.


Klopp must have a fucking heart of stone as I just couldn’t do it. One look at Shaq’s little face would be enough for me. I’d be like “You go on and have some fun little fella” and I’d rub his little head. Regardless of what happened on the pitch, seeing his little beaming smile would be worth it.




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2 hours ago, Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper said:

Werner has just signed a new deal

at Leipzig according to the BBC today.

Yeah I saw that. Juve will be gutted....

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To put Ox’s knee injury (multiple ligament rupture) into perspective, the chances of playing again ‘at the same level’ in American football (where the most outcome stats are available) are less than 10%.  In a sport where the ball is rarely kicked....


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