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    • You just described the entire Everton fanbase.
    • Yeah, the ones the kids had LFC on, but not Nike, the red was as dark as last year's kit and the ones for the 2nd kit were just weird. 
    • The socks are not the same as proper ones....bit like the socks get with the smaller kids kits where they bundle them.   Just plain black - but do at least have LFC in grey writing on them, they are OK for kids.
    • Saturday Oct 24:   L 2 Sheff Utd 1. Not going to say too much about the game as it’s all covered in the match report. It’s a nice little win for us this because we’re having to deal with a lot of adversity at the moment and the lads have done well to come through it. What I want to talk about here though is Henderson’s post match interview. Fucking fantastic.   He was asked about the heavy fixture load and said “We do have a tough period coming up, yeah, but we love playing football. We want to play these games,” he explained. “If you look back a few months ago and were sitting in the house during lockdown, couldn’t go out…we’d have played football every single day if we could.”   “There are a lot of things going on in the world and it’s tough for people sitting at home. These things have a huge impact on people. So we really have to try and put a smile on the face - even if it is just for tonight. So for us, it is physically demanding, but we are used to it. And we enjoy it. We will use all the lads in the squad, everybody is needed for full season. But you have to enjoy it - I love playing football, we love it, enjoy it.”   You’d run through walls for that lad wouldn’t you? Imagine saying that a few years ago though, you’d have been laughed out of town. He was always a nice lad, a great pro and a good example to everyone, but now he’s the ultimate fucking leader.    He just gets it, doesn’t he? A lot of footballers are in their own little football bubble but Hendo just seems to know how people are feeling and what his responsibilities are. It would have been easy for him to complain about the number of games and the injuries we’re getting but he knows how entitled and tone deaf that would come across. So instead he goes the opposite way.   He’s fucking great. Because the other players all take their lead from him, so when he’s thinking something you know they all are because he’ll make sure they are. The influence he’s had on our recent success is fucking massive and goes beyond his performances on the pitch. He sets the tone for everything.   A couple of my mates have been saying for a while he’s the greatest captain we’ve ever had. At first I think it was a little tongue in cheek, but by the time he’s finished it’s something you might be able to make a really strong case for. He won’t have won the most trophies, he won’t have been a Superman type who took the team on his back and won games almost singlehandedly, but in terms of the all around complete package of leadership on and off the field and setting the example for everyone else to follow, he’s got to be right up there.   Sunday Oct 25:   Sick of hearing all this victim shit from and about Everton. If it’s not Ancelotti crying it in it’s pundits expressing their sympathy for Pickford. Today it’s Kevin Phillips.    “Let’s not forget that he has got to live in that area as well. It reminds me of the situation when Stephen Hunt crashed into Petr Cech and it resulted in Cech having to wear the head guard. A stigma becomes attached to you, whether you meant it or not. I am sure Pickford did not mean it. It was a clumsy tackle. I am pretty sure he is upset because he seems like a different guy.”   I doubt he’s losing any sleep over it to be honest. He’s probably upset that he took so much flak when it happened, but this notion that he’s upset at the thought of Van Dijk not playing again this season is ridiculous. I doubt he gives a fuck, because why would he? Footballers see this kind of thing as just a risk of the job.    I’m sure he felt bad when it happened and his apology was sincere, but don’t be telling me he’s even giving Virgil’s situation a second though because he isn’t. I don’t expect him to either, footballers need to be selfish and single minded and worry about their own game. I’m just sick of this ‘poor Jordan, he’s a victim in this too”.    Phillips also said “Now he has to live in that area and it is like Sunderland and Newcastle. You are either red or blue. Half of the city will hate him and the other half will put an arm around him.”   Ironic really, because that was also the case prior to him ending Virgil’s season. Only difference is the roles have been reversed.   Elsewhere, Harvey scored for Blackburn and had a cracking game apparently. It’s his first professional goal, which is nice. It’s going to be fascinating to see how he does there, because he’s still only a baby really.    Today’s reported transfer target is Upamecano from Leipzig. £40m he’d cost, although if we want him we should just send Naby back there in part ex and call it quits. No idea if he’s any good or not but I don’t sweat stuff like that these days because it’s clear that Klopp, Edwards and the staff know what they’re doing.   You know what they won’t be doing? They won’t be doing what Mark Lawrenson suggested they do. What’s that, I hear you ask. Wait for it, he’s only gone and suggested we sign……    Conor fucking Coady. Jesus Christ, Lawro. Not you as well? ‘If Liverpool are going to pay big money for somebody in January, they want absolutely ready-made. Conor Coady has had loads of shouts and he is a very good organiser who has played lots of games in the Premier League.’   Firstly, there is no ‘ready made’ replacement for Van Dijk because he’s the best in the world. Coady isn’t even the best at Wolves. But because he shouts and points and organises people (which he does very well to be fair, he always has done and he is a natural leader) that means he could come into our defence, playing with our high line?    Fuck me, I can’t believe how many intelligent people can’t see why this is a terrible idea. If he wasn’t a Red and an Academy graduate, would anyone be saying we should go for him? I’d rather have Eric Dier, and I think Eric Dier is shit.     This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article   Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
    • Never Attribute to Malice That Which Is Adequately Explained by Stupidity
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