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    • Oh my god what fucking helmets. 
    • Offended by everything  roydo Moderator   Staff member Yesterday at 5:42 PM   Add bookmark #2,625 Reference CAS-5661570-T1XTBY

      Thank you for contacting us and for listening to BBC Radio 5 Live Sport.

      Firstly, we apologise for the delay in replying.

      We were sorry to read of your unhappiness at our football build up to Liverpool v FC Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League on 02 October.

      Please be assured, BBC Sport has not got any bias for, or against, any team.

      The commentators actually were talking over the song, and we only heard it in the background.

      That said, your concerns are noted.

      Please be assured that your concerns were sent to senior staff at BBC Radio 5 Live via our daily 


      Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch.

      Kind regards

      Ciaran Hanna
      BBC Complaints Team

      Ok mate!   roydo Moderator   Staff member Yesterday at 5:54 PM   Add bookmark #2,627 I wont lie, drink had been taken, but they literally shut Mike Costello up "to soak up the atmosphere" who was reporting from the World Athletics Championship. So, yeah, technically they were talking over the song, (as in, they told the athletics bloke to shut up as it was being sung) but as I said to them, there isnt a club on the planet that they would afford that to.
    • it took them until the 9th & 10th games last season to record successive wins, until at last, in gameweek 31/32/33 to manage it again.  A back to back record of 2 wins and 3 wins in a whole fucking season. Needless to say, they've not managed it this season yet, either. At least they have the comfort of knowing they've got the players to win games easily, and midfielders with a winning mentality.   Then they wonder why they're not attracting the interest of Far Eastern fans queueing up for a club to support. besides, even if there were a few loons who did decide to follow them, wouldn't they come under the heading of 'manufactured'? If they didn't support them from birth, but only jumped on at some random point, would they be any better than Redshite fans?
    • Canada beat the US 2-0, baby!!! Made this torturous period of hell on earth known as the international break worth it.
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