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Jedd Drudge

This forums political compass

Where are you on the political compass?  

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  1. 1. Where are you on the political compass

    • Authoritarian Left
    • Authoritarian Right
    • libertarian Left
    • libertarian Right

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This is where I stand, I usually hit the horizontal line and am a tad left. 


Once finished scroll down a bit to YOUR POLITICAL COMPASS


Take the test, right click the image and 'copy image address' then come back here and 'insert other media' (lower right button) and select 'insert image from url' paste the address you just copied and post. 


I'm guessing there are not many that will cross the divide between left and right. 


I've also provided an anonymous poll for those that do not wish to reveal their results but it must be the result of taking the test linked, not just what you think. 







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3 minutes ago, Boss said:

The forums political compass it's definitely Authoritarian Left.

With all due respect Boss, from what I’ve read from you in the past few weeks, most people would look like that compared to you.

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    • Steven Gerrard has opened up about how disappointments in his career have made him strive to reach the next level.

      The Reds legend has never been afraid to discuss his footballing regrets post-retirement and one of them was his infamous slip in 2014 with the Reds on the cusp of winning the title.

      Speaking on the High Performance Podcast (per the Mirror) Gerrard says that it is moment that lives on, but he also believes that it has made him reassess things and become better in all facets of his life

      “It was a real, brutal, cruel, low in my life, in 2014, the Chelsea episode, which still lives with me today. I don't know whether it gave me extra determination or something,

      “From my experience, I think sometimes failure helps you to become better. I still think now part of me is chasing more highs, and I want to work hard for them highs, because I still think more of the lows.  

      “Sometimes, a low, or a bad time or a disappointment, can be the catalyst, and the trigger to something really, really, amazing. 

      “So now, when you're representing Rangers, you know what it means, and I do see opportunities to have more highs, and buzzes, and adrenaline rushes I want to go and achieve.”

      The topic of Football burnout amongst football managers is never far off the agenda.

      Jurgen Klopp has often made a point of stating that he will take a sabbatical when he eventually leaves the Reds,

      Gerrard has regularly been mentioned as the German’s successor when that moment does arrive, but the current Rangers manager who currently has his team six points clear of arch rivals Celtic (albeit having played one game more) also spoke about the physical and mental toll the management game takes on the individual and their loved ones.

      Being the competitive beast he is, Gerrard has some personal  goals that he wants to achieve first, but signals that there will be a time when family takes priority.

      “When you are representing Rangers and you know what it means to certain people, there are times when it dominates your life, and you can't control that, that's what it is," 

      “I think there's got to be a stage in your life where you have a calm and peace but I there are things I still want to achieve and don't feel ready for that now.

      "But for Alex and the kids at some stage, I will have to give myself to them 100%. 

      "Alex would take it tomorrow. She is the one who brings me down when I come in and think I'm fantastic because I scored a goal or we've won a game.

      “And when you're on the floor and staring at the walls, she's the one that picks you up. She goes through the journey as well. And the kids see it too.

      "You do your best to keep it away and try not to bring it home but any manager or player who says they don't take it home, they leave it in the car, they are telling you lies."

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    • I don't want us to sign Upamacano if you dicks are going to start calling him Upa. It's not as bad as 'Cou' but it's in the same ball park. 
    • Can't be arsed reading a Micah Richards article about anything to be honest but IMO the only reason Daniel is without a team right now is COVID. Certainly isn't finished at Premier League level, in his last season for us he scored against PSG in the Champions League group stages and I'm supposed to believe he wouldn't be a better option for Fulham than Aleksander fucking Mitrovic or whoever the heck WBA play up front? I see your point re: clubs being more cautious but simply can't agree giving him anything is throwing money down the drain - he was fit more often than not at the end of his time here but would never get a game because he simply was not good enough for European champions and PL champions elect. Neither was Danny Ings (and he was also injured far more than Sturridge) and he's currently ripping up the league and trending to be a golden boot winner.   Anyway who cares - we all probably have different opinions on it. However I think any sane Liverpool fan loves the lad and only wishes him well, and you'd have to be a bad meff to believe any talk about a bad attitude (not that anyone on here does). Contrary to that, I think Sturridge was actually one of the first positive tone-setters at the start of Klopps reign, I'm pretty sure Hendo would be the first to attest to as much.   Really hope he finds somewhere to end his career. He was a class act all round and world class on his day.  
    • Torres was overrated and Daniel underrated. 'Nowhere near Torres level good' is an embarrassing take, go have a nap.
    • Het is inderdaad. Mijn verontschuldigingen.    
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