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    • Some might say they're not even a giant in their postcode.  It amuses me they might not have thought ancelotti doesn't really give a shit and he's there for the 11.5m wages he's earning and the 2.5m he got for keeping them up. And if they don't buy anyone, continue to be shite and decide to bullet him, they'd need to pay at least 12 months of his contract. So let's say it's gone to shit by Christmas and they want rid, he'd have earned his 11.5m salary, his 2.5m bonus and would likely be due a 11.5m pay off. So 25.5m for 12 months work. If I was ancelotti I'd be praying for as little money as possible.  The stadium should be financed in a way it has fuck all to do with covid, is self financing and is outside ffp regs, so I don't see the issue aside from I e never thought they'd be able to borrow the money. If they're serious about doing it, it would be a massive mistake to stop now, it'll never be cheaper to do it again. 
    • And? Just because Hull made a daft deal with us doesn't mean other clubs should do likewise. We were also the only club in for Robbo and it doesn't sound like that's the case this time.    For the record, I'm not advocating we splurge 20m on this lad given he wouldn't be a regular. But Norwich's valuation isn't that unrealistic given his age, experience and talent.       
    • The thing is, he isn't doing that.  How do you make an average footballer into a world class one ?  You simply won't unless that ability is already there.  And it's known to be a preference of Klopp's to develop players to their full potential.  Robbo and Trent Arnold being two prime examples. It's being made to be seen as a bit of a lucky dip, but it clearly isn't.  Whatever the criteria is they use to recruit the right player it's obviously working.  That's not luck, that's a lot of research being done there.  It's also financially effective.  And they're not liable to change that while finances are unpredictable, and neither should they.  
    • Only nobody has said there is no chance of it happening.
        Pearce just says we are apart in our valuations. In the article he also states we were originally quoted £90m for Alisson and got him for £65m as an example of how comprise can be made. 
        Got to think the FF would be better if posters fully read what was being said, had a little think about a response and then replying instead of angry and tedious circle jerks we constantly seem to find ourselves in. 
    • Milner looked a full back busted flush for some time I think. I might be wrong, but I think his last 2 starts at left back he's broken down injured. He's at a point in his career we should use him sparingly, we shouldn't be expected him to bust his balls at left back. I've no issue with attempting to find a solution within the squad, but it's time to not think milner is the answer to all ills. I mentioned it earlier in the thread, I'd let chamberlain do it.  To be fair klopp has said he'd like to improve the squad and we don't want to spend money because of the uncertainty surrounding covid.    I've said it loads of times. The covid excuse is maybe the best one they've had in 10 years of shithousery with money. But it's the boy who cried wolf now, you can't look at it purely through the the goggles of a post march 2020 world. We need to look at their track record and it's fuck all to do with anything but they're tight cunts who spend only because they sell. It's been like this since their very 1st window. 
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