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    • Finnish? He shouldn't have fucking started. 
    • The problem is that Oligarchs and oil rich states are the only likely buyers if FSG sell.
    • Djenepo at Southampton strikes me as a player that would succeed here. Very similar to Sarr, wouldn't be a bad alternative, I think Klopp can really polish these types of players.
    • That deserves a better answer than I have time to give it at the moment so I shall return later.
    • Let's face it, there has been an awful, awful lot of complete bollocks posted about them. We fund the Red Sox. We pay for Henry's latest yacht. Linda is a money digging whore (this might be true but really, who fucking cares?). Posters and journalists are on the FSG payroll. It's somehow FSG's fault Nike didn't make enough of the home shirts (despite the fact this either of these claims are proven anywhere) I could go on.   Some of the things thrown at them are completely nonsense & any mention of them doing a good job or doing well seems to bring out the worst some posters. This is what I mean but saying its Evertoinan behaviour - absolutely baseless opinions, passed off as fact, just to take digs at them because they don't like them.   There are substantial double standards applied to them as well, just look at the slating Damien Comolli takes, rightly, for some his signings. "Yeah but FSG employeed him". They did, but they also employed Edwards & Klopp, but now the credit is all Klopp and they manage "despite of FSG".   I'm sure if you look back in this thread, there are posts of me criticising FSG. I didn't agree with the sacking or treatment of Dalglish. I absolutely think Rodgers was left high and dry with the lack of signings in his first season. At the time, I didn't agree / understand  the transfer committee. However, with Klopp, this now seems to be significantly better. The ticket price fiasco. The plan to furlough staff. I tweeted John Henry on this and DM'd Peter Moores & Tony Barrett. Not much but I still let them know my dissatisfaction. Obviously they aren't perfect and as football supporters we're all naturally impatient and want success yesterday but that's not realistic. It took Citeh 4 years to win the title with unlimited wealth, we were denied in the same timescale by the cruelest of blows. I understand why they've taken more time redeveloping Anfield but plans are there to more or less finish it off. IMO, we've always done Ok from them with transfers. Transfers is like my salary, I always want more. But I appreciate that won't always happen. Unfortunately a lot of it pre-Klopp was wasted by whoever's responsibility it was to improve the side.  The fincial side of club has obviously improved massively.   As a club we've completely turned the corner. When they took over, we were in the relegation zone, not getting full houses & were complete shite.    We've had bumps along the way and we've been a bit unlucky on the pitch as well (Carroll's header v Chelsea, the slip, penalties v Man City, Karius...). We could quite easily have ended up with more trophies than we have had.   Now look where we are. We're the envy of virtually every club in the world. These past 2 seasons (and forthcoming seasons) should be looked back at 2 (or more) of the greatest in the history of the club. A complete golden period that should inspire kids and supporters around the world for a generation.    When I'm on my death bed, I'll remember winning the European Cup's & Championships we've won and the ones we're (hopefully) going to add. Not that we tried to sign Clint Dempsey or wasted money on Balotelli.   And those last 2 paragraphs my friends, is why I think FSG deserve credit.  
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