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    • It’s arguably better than their chicken recipe. 
    • Short arsed players in the box, below standard crossing and massive grock defenders blocking everything.   Even playing through them is hard. As has been mentioned previously, we need to move it quicker and actually have a shot instead of looking for the extra touch or pass. At least Chamberlain had the thought to have a couple of long range attempts whereas I lost count of how many times Gini shaped a bit of space and then passed sideways. In a Holland shirt he would've had a shot.
    • We've had multiple bad luck with injuries with probably the most important pound for pound player in the league out for the season. We've been robbed of 4 points from bad decisions. We've had several of our players get Covid and their form since is dodgy. No crowds at Anfield. 6 or 7 points can be chased down but I don't see it being this year. Next season we will still have a very good team and I'll enter it with hope.    It happens. United lost Keane for a season and that was the year Arsenal won the double. He was their best player at the time. The following year they won the treble.   FSG have done a lot of good things and more than some sketchy things. They are on the pigs back with a manager like Jurgen who can build a top team for relatively little. I think their exit strategy is to get out of dodge before he leaves because they won't want to invest the kind of money that other top managers would need and right now we are one of the most valuable brands in the world.            
    • Those scratchy wins (Norwich, West Ham) were par for the course in the more successful part of last season, though. And away defeats in Europe are not uncommon under Klopp.   It’s really since March that our results have turned downward. A 50% win rate in that period is not impressive... 
    • That penalty was right out of the Harry Kane school of shithousery.    Dangle the leg for contact and hit the deck like you've been shot. Clever play for English players, dirty cheating diving bastards for foreign players (depending on who you play for).   You would think that with VAR, the ref would see that given another ref is reviewing this. It should be a yellow for simulation because it sure as hell isn't a conscious effort by the keeper/defender to bring a player down, they're genuinely going for the ball.   The whole PGMOL needs a shake up but with a generation of incompetency behind them, how can they possibly change it?
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