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    • Unfortunately he's missed out on the 'Brendan Rodgers Manager of The Year Award' which was won by Brendan Rodgers for the 10th consequetive season.
    • Who ever does the contracts at Barcelona needs shot into the sun.    If I was on them deals I'd be saying your paying me up if you want rid of me. 
    • Wasn't expecting that. 
    • Ahem   Leylo Player Valuation: £950k Today at 12:03 AM   #65,688 Always pisses me off ,on the pitch ye defo improvement needed, but on this side they're gonna nail it ,the other shower across the park are willing us to fall flat on our face .why because were gonna have a home to die for ,come on let's get excited instead of kopites saying ha not happening. Well it is and it will piss all over yours.doom and gloom people now is the time to stop ffs.   Eggsyblueskin Player Valuation: £35m Today at 12:06 AM   #65,689 Well all I can say to you is the people I have spoken to have no concerns about getting paid hence they have committed themselves and their workforce to it . These are very savvy people with many , many years of experience in the construction industry and have been around long enough to spot a snide project.
      I have personally never been involved in a project which seems to be as advanced as this one is which subsequently failed to complete.
      I don’t have an empirical knowledge of Everton’s finances I’m afraid. However I do know a certain Mr. Usmanov publically stated he would be delighted to help out his friend and business partner Mr. Moshiri at Everton, which amounts to having a pretty powerful underwriter for the project at the very least.     Eggsyblueskin Player Valuation: £35m Today at 2:22 AM   #65,694 All I can reiterate to you is that I have personally spoken with people who have already committed their firms and workforce to this project and are already preparing to commence work the moment they are given the go ahead. This would not be happening if the finance was not assured.
      Whether you believe me is up to you.
      The Usmanov comment I referenced was not a rumour but a direct quote from an interview which appeared in the Financial Times (If I recall correctly) fairly recently.
      As for financial institutions being cautious ,all I can say is the construction industry seems to be finding the money at present judging by the amount of new projects we are currently being invited to tender for on top of the work we already have.
      Not only will this happen , it already is happening.    
    • Get with the programme. Bayern were finished when we played them but have since turned it round whereas Barca were finished but haven't. 
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