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    • So that's 6 of us showing our age then?!
    • When we land the title and toxic fans from other clubs spout their well rehearsed bollocks we should just turn it back on them by dedicating the title to all those who lost their lives due to the virus.  
    • None of these cunts ever go to prison.
    • The glory that was Rome  36 years ago today     
    • They had a field day yesterday, the whinging cunts.    It's hilarious how some Juventus fans, even those bereaved, have moved on from Heysel (or appear to have done so) much quicker than Evertonians have. They genuinely do think that they were the real victims of it all. But, still sing their Manc songs.    They're so disingenuous about it all too. Let's be clear. They don't give a single fuck about any of the people who sadly lost their lives on that day. It's simply something they can hijack and use to try and score points. I saw somebody refer to them as "grief thieves" the other day and it's a spot on description.    Plus, they constantly claim that Heysel never gets talked about. Of course it does. You cunts never shut the fuck up about it. And, they accuse Liverpool fans of never wanting to discuss it. That's simply a lie. I'll happily discuss it. Loads of Reds would. But not in the limited way that the bloooooos want to discuss it: inane "murderers" and "never your fault" shouts. I'd happily discuss the context of it all. Including the crumbling stadium, the poor segregation, the relevance of Rome 1984 to the whole situation, that it was a fight between two sets of "fans" that ended up with innocent people bring caught up in it all, that it was a disaster that was likely to happen elsewhere if not at Heysel given the hooligan problem that pervaded the entire sport at that time. And, obviously, the culpability of some of our "fans" for what happened, but noting that it can't be ignored that their conduct was no different than a multitude of English fans in the 70s and 80s, with it, sadly, just being the consequences of that conduct that separated Heysel from other acts of English hooliganism.    But, they don't want that. Any attempt at discussion will inevitably be drowned out by that inane "never your fault" shout. The truth of the matter is that, if anything, it's Evertonians and other rival fans who don't want to discuss Heysel, unless it's on their basic, rather juvenile terms. 
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