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    • He has some frigging neck starting match threads this lad....
    • Keepers do this all time against us. I remember Ben Foster at Anfield for West Brom when we drew 0-0. Van Der Sar, De Gea and basically anyone who plays for a negative shithouse team does it unless they are losing. They also use a towel to dry their hands and get water from a water bottle even though they haven't been running around the whole game, so won't be thirsty and could have easily swug some when there was a break in play or the other team was defending a corner.   I think the goal kick rule changing enables them to waste more time. If the ball went out on the right side the ref would make you take it on that side. Now, they walk to the side furthest away, put the ball down then waste more time looking up to see who they are kicking it to.
    • Grit. Organisation. Accuracy. Luck. Skill.   I don't ask for much.   Boy oh boy do we need a shift back towards what works! This recent spell is alarming and the slide needs to be arrested pronto. If it requires a 'Mark Robins' moment from one of our lot, so be it. "Intensity is our identity" is what Pep Lijnders called it when asked what made the team so good. On that basis, we've lacked identity for large parts of the season so far. Ponderous and predictable is what we've been in 2021. Take the cup tie against Villa's kids out of the equation and we've scored just 1 goal in our last 5 games. I dare say even Sheffield United have been more prolific than that.   A cup tie away at United. Not a happy hunting ground, as only once have we beaten them away from Anfield in the cup, and that was way back in 1921 when there wasn't even a Hit Parade, never mind a UK Top 40! The teams last met in the FA Cup at Old Trafford just over 10 years ago. We'd just dumped Hodgson and brought back the King to oversee the remainder of the season. That ovation when he stepped out was something else, but it was a team devoid of spark and confidence. We were undone by Howard Webb giving the Mancs a leg-up in the opening minutes (the precursor to PGMOL and VAR then), deeming Berbatov falling over in the box as a penalty which Giggs buried. Stevie got a straight red card for a heavy challenge on Carrick and we had to play out the rest of the game with 10 men. We hardly ever did anything right at Old Trafford with 11 men so to try coming back with 10 was a very tall order. It finished 1-0 and we were out.         X-Factor bums clogging the charts was a regular occurance in 2011, and it was the turn of Matt Cardle (never heard of the cunt but in this video he looks a bit like like Lallana) with a song called 'When We Collide', which is a cover of 'Many of Horror' by Biffy Clyro. It's a song every bit as insipid as our current form.         Just do whatever needs to be done to get the result. I'm not one of those who keeps asking for Klopp to jib off the FA Cup, and he shouldn't do that here. We've barely made a dent in the competition since winning it in 2006, and nobody can say that it's done wonders for us in the league so I don't buy that argument. Trying not to win something generally results in not actually winning anything.
    • It was a bit strange that we had lots of shots from outside the box in the first half but none in the second half , was this deliberate ? If so it seems wrong to me as we were far more threatening ( relatively ) in the first half and while agreeing with the consensus about TAA's form , I am not sure how often he is going to connect with a cross when we are outnumbered 8 to 3 in the box and they are all taller as well.
    • The lack of confidence was clear every time someone got near a shooting opportunity. Shaqiri, Mane, Gini all took that extra unnecessary touch to allow the Burnley grocks to close them down.  
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