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3 minutes ago, Special K said:

Absolutely. The attitude of "You should be honoured we want to buy your player" makes my blood boil. "We want him, let him go"


Fuck. You.

Schoolground bullies. Arrogant, entitled schoolground bullies.


And all that 'more than a club' bollocks.



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23 minutes ago, mattyq said:

Poor old Luis, stick a fork up his arse and turn him over, he's done


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30 minutes ago, Butch said:

This is great, cracking game. Bayern will out score those horrible cunts. Time for Messi to step up to the plate. Gutless cunt 



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Fucking hate Barca, laying waste to their reputation on the road to Champions League glory was a wonderful bonus.


They're the club of wealthy middle class kids from Wilmslow whose parents don't love them.

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    • These aren't Maribor. I don't think we can play mostly backups against them and expect an easy game. They're a giant side with lots of pace, they could easily give us trouble. Especially with no fans at Anfield which cuts out some of the intimidation and pressure factor.
    • Antonio did a hammy v Citeh. Hopefully he's missing as he's usually peak Drogba against us.
    • With the Sadio offside thing, he'd made a burst into the middle just before and the ball never came to him. Normally when we've recycled possession from those situations, we look to switch the play across the pitch and stretch the opposition. That allows our forwards the opportunity to both get back onside and look for space. Thiago sees things very early, so Sadio received a through-ball he wouldn't otherwise expect to get. It's that adjustment our players will learn to make.   As for Sheffield United, Wilder uses his back three differently to other managers who play with that system. In Wilder's system, they don't look for the wing backs immediately. Instead, one of the two wide defenders in the 3 will carry the ball into midfield, lay it off to a midfielder and get it back before finding the wing back. While this is happening, the midfielder on that side will drop back to cover the space left so the defender can carry on into midfield. The problem for an opposition player when dealing with it is that they can't track both players who've switched positions. Combine thas aspect with Sheffield United's directness and, if they are on their game, it can make it look like the opposition midfielders are being overrun and/or not tracking runners.   They've had a tough start to the season but I actually admire Chris Wilder for trying something tactically different when it would be easy to go all Sam Allardyce and play shit-on-a-stick POMOball with a heavy emphasis on set-pieces.
    • But this is my point. The chances of it being level when you make decisions to millimetres are almost zero. There should be virtually no offsides seen as level, because they won't be level. But we don't have the technology to deem if it's within millimeters. We don't even have the technology to show the moment the ball left the foot. They have software that even from the inaccurate frame chosen then has quite a margin of error depending on the angle of the camera. So they absolutely do not have the technology to do offside as implemented today. If you're saying they can freeze a frame and then let a computer make a best guess, fair enough they can, but then what's the point of that? The software makers themselves say it can't possibly be accurate like the cricket and the goal line as they don't have control of the camera location and prior knowledge to where the decision will be made. It's complete fucking nonsense. If they were to calculate a maximum margin of error and then go with the position plus the margin, then fair enough i could accept that and if it's a millimetre offside even accounting for the VAR and his potential poor positioning of the mark, then with a built in margin of whatever, it doesn't seem unjust.   Bottom line to me is level is effectively gone if the measurement is a frozen frame and we're happy to go to millimeters - level is a concept from a linesman needing to simultaneously in real time with the naked eye watch the ball being struck and if the forward has broken the line. But we don't have the technology to measure to the level of accuracy required for what they're delivering today - but I can see there could be a halfway house between watching a real time situation where a person is expected to look at 2 places at once and the utter shite we have today. 
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