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1 minute ago, Ronnie Whelan said:

Well in Harry lad. 


Edit: I actually find it hard to dislike Aguero. 

Aguero’s phenomenal and probably irreplaceable, thankfully. Wasn’t Pep trying to show his edgy genius by benching him a lot when he took over?

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1 minute ago, El Rojo said:

Aguero’s phenomenal and probably irreplaceable, thankfully. Wasn’t Pep trying to show his edgy genius by benching him a lot when he took over?

For me one of the best players I've seen in England. Just an incredible player and seems like a decent fella too. 

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    • Sardine Saunders is still making me chuckle.
    • In my opinion we need to move on Origi, see if Curtis can take the role as Sadio’s understudy, strongly consider replacing Keita, keep Minamino purely as Bobby’s apprentice, stop playing any of Ox/Minamino on the left and buy a 3rd wide forward who can replace Mo/Sadio for minutes at the end of games, in cup matches and when they’re unavailable/run down/off form/in danger of being run into the ground. I don’t think these are controversial points, or insightful, or hear repeating all day every day. Doubt there is an LFC fan on earth who thinks the current squad options behind the two wide lads up front are good enough.   With that said, the young lads coming through were never going to be asked to both break into one of the best teams on planet earth while they’re establishing themselves, at the same time the club is trying to pride the fingers of a Silverback gorilla off it’s throat and dispel a 30 years gypsy curse. It’s gone. It’s lifted. They now don’t have to come on in games where one mistake might throw away points which means we don’t get over the line l, etc.   The environment they’d be getting minutes in, while still immensely pressurised and challenging, relatively became more forgiving by orders of magnitude the instant that final whistle went at Chelsea the other Thursday. It might prove be have been as significant to the immediate, individual careers of some of these youth lads on the cusp of the first team as it was to the rest of the club in other ways.   I’d be surprised if they aren’t blooded at an accelerated rate to what we’ve seen now. Nobody wants to be following United, but we can see the blueprint for it there. Break the long title drought, lift the pressure, bring through a crop of youth players who are bound to the club and what it means and keep that band of brothers things going on into the next great team being built.   We all want that extra top class in the front 3, but this isn’t all some oversight or afterthought or piece of rationalisation from Klopp. It’s part of the masterplan and why he’s signed on for another few years to oversee them and this part of the process. Soak it up and enjoy it, we have a genius at the helm and while we won’t win every title and european cup in the coming years, we’ll be right in there challenging for most if not all of them and it would be a surprise at this stage if we don’t win more of both.
    • Mark Trawlernson Eelmlyn Hughes Troutinho
    • Nabil El Gar Barramundi Venison Sea Bass-tian Coates (or Leto) Zander Westerveld
    • A lack of interest in the transfer market might well be as much about the manager and the type of challenge he wants in the remaining years of his time at the helm.   I don’t doubt that football finances in general, the spending habits of FSG and the difficulty actually signing players who improve what we already have play a part. 
        I’m absolutely not saying that Klopp would put his personal interest over the Club needs either. If money has to be spent to keep winning, he’d be supportive. 
        What I do think though, in fact he’s pretty much said this himself, is that he gets more pleasure from developing a winning team than buying one. If he thinks he can do this with the young players coming through as a basis, then that would be his preference. 
        The current squad is a bit of a hybrid of expensive purchases (yes, I know where the money came from) and players he’s moulded into footballers that win stuff. I’m sure that now, especially with the two big trophies under his belt, he’d like to do it all again but with more of the latter. It’s helpful that there does appear to be at least four, possibly more, youngsters who have a decent chance of making it. 
        This approach might not (probably won’t) be one hundred percent successful but it might stop Klopp banging on Edwards door less often than other managers would. 
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