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17 minutes ago, Pistonbroke said:

Just seen the latest score via some score flash on my mobile. Unless Everton are playing against a team I think will beat them I#m not watching the cunts.


I literally pissed myself this morning reading the football headlines. Imagine being a poor West Ham fan (although it can be said they deserve their misery) and having that joker Moyes in charge. Steams into the club off the back of failure and tells them he's a winner, it's what he does. Fast forward 6 weeks and he's saying if they are relegated they could lose Rice, who's overrated cack as it is.  Keep spinning the shit, David. Comedy genius. 

I hate Moyes more than I really ought to. I mean he’s a total no-mark so i shouldn’t care, but his expectation lowering shite really boils my fucking piss. He’s paid millions of pounds to do a job and his approach is to paint as much despair, doom and gloom as he possibly can so that even the smallest of small achievements in getting them to 17th on goal difference will reflect well on him, the cynical bog-eyed fuck.


He’s a fucking gerrymandering wage thief. Pisses me off that he takes a penny out of the game the cunt.

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Just now, Babb'sBurstNad said:

I wish they a red button option for a picture-in-picture Hodgson reaction cam.

Looks like some poor old fella that's wandered off from the care home in his pyjamas

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39 minutes ago, Stickman said:

Good chance they could be on first on Match of the Day....


Didn't think it would be on tonight as there are only 2 games but it is , would have been better if they would have shown all 4 games tomorrow imo .

Imagine the fume if the bbc had stitched them up like that 

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