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7 minutes ago, Philtrum said:

Mourinho needs to Mourinho the shit out of this game, although I think Spurs will get their arses handed to them today. Could be a thrashing.

Win - win

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2 minutes ago, TheDrowningMan said:

There’s less than no chance of Spurs taking anything today. I can’t see City dropping any more points this season except, perhaps, against us.

I think City will lose more games. We have broken them, demoralised them, Kloppo has snapped that bald twat's fragile ego i to fucking smithereens.

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    • I really don't want Havertz to go to anyone else. I've got my heart set on him. 
    • I think a lot of people are underestimating the cost of us being successful in terms of payout to the players and their agents. We've nearly doubled our wage bill over the last few years, and I believe only the Manc clubs pay as much as/more than us at the moment.   If we want to keep the likes of Mane, Salah, Firmino, VVD, we will have to pay them close to the amount they would have gotten at Barca, Real, City etc. In doing so, we will attract new players, but we won't pay them as much as our stars until they have proven it on the field. I can see a lot of players interested in moving to us in the coming years, only to be knocked back when they understand they have to deliver first and be paid later. I think it's a sound strategy, and will help us avoid transfer disasters from previous years.    There's a reason why rumours around our top players have died down lately, and it ain't all about sporting success and the relationship the players have with Klopp. There simply isn't as much of an incentive for the agents to start stirring shit when our players are paid according to their stature.    In the case of Werner, I've the same impression as Dave U (and Hamann), he lacks the skills needed to play to the level of our front three. He might be an upgrade on Origi, but we're not going to be paying the sums mentioned for a squad player.   
    • We either didn’t want him or can’t afford him.   The end of the transfer window will tell us which one, as we’ll either sign a different player or no one. 
        To go through 2 summer windows with no signings is definitely a gamble.   As City found out this season a long term injury to a key player without an adequate deputy can derail your season.     
    • I get where your coming from. With my glass permanently half full specs on, we have Elliot & Jones coming through the ranks, Miramino will have settled more, Ox & Origi can fill a role & if Shaq stays / ever gets himself fit, then we have ample cover.   I am slightly disappointed with Werner but I’m not gonna throw a hissy fit about it. We’ve lost out on other players Klopp courted (Gotze, Dahoud, Brandt etc) and we’ve always come out of it the better.
        Maybe we won’t this time, but I’m prepared to give the club the benefit of the doubt.   Also, we don’t know what our plans are this summer. Maybe we’ll get Willian on a free? Certainly an upgrade there. But even if we don’t, I think we can cope.   If the AFCON isn’t moved, I’ll be significantly more concerned. By all accounts there are a number of qualifiers left so it’s likely to be moved back a year.
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