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Ljungberg is getting his team talk all wrong. He needs to tell the Arsenal players that the West Ham players are here to steal their expensive watches.

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What’s Ljungberg said to them at half time? Yeah, that was sound that boys. More of the same in the second.

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10 minutes ago, dockers_strike said:

Id rather city still think they're in with a chance by the time they play Leicester rather than not, thanks!

Not sure it would matter either way. If they lost to Arsenal and United and Wolves won they’d suddenly be uncomfortably close to being drawn into a fight for the top four. I think they have to look to win against Leicester.

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Dont worry about City. Pep the magician will buy 47 new full backs in January to sort it out. He only needs another £850m to compete with the big boys.

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Rafa has been quite good.  Carra has just put it on him about the Everton job and he’s said he wouldn’t say no in the future but it’s just not right for him now.  Apologised about the small club comment saying he didn’t mean club he meant team at the time.

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11 hours ago, dockers_strike said:

Fucking hell, west ham are going to have a new manager in place by the time we get to play them now, arent they?

The game you might be referring to has been cancelled as we are playing in the CWC mate. 

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    • Nice read that,Another ex.player in the Liverpool F.C.extended family.
    • David Ngog has recalled his greatest moment in a Liverpool shirt after Mo Salah’s strike on the weekend against Man United brought back some fond personal memories.

      The Frenchman’s stint on Merseyside is not what you would call prolific or particularly memorable by any means, but one moment clearly stands out above all others.

      The late substitute wrapped up victory against Liverpool’s arch rivals when he was put through on goal by Lucas Leiva and side footed it past Edwin Van Der Sar in the United goal.

      The jubilant crowd reaction after sealing a victory following a poor run of form was matched by the players with goalkeeper Pepe Reina running the length of the pitch to jump into the arms of the striker.

      A similar reaction took place on Sunday with Allison and Salah embracing and Ngog certainly noticed the parallels as he told the Official site.      

      “It's unbelievable how close it is.

      “It's different play of course – he has a longer run and he read it well against the defender. 

      “But that was in the last minute, against Man United, it brings back memories.

      “ I was at home but I was with my family as well. 

      I saw the two goals and I was happy because it's Liverpool and it's really important this season.   "It was exciting. To be honest, at that time I was just watching, not thinking about the goal before. 

      "But when I saw the replay and saw it was similar – and the celebration, of course, with Alisson running. It was really, really funny to watch."

      Ngog who is still just 30yo, has made many stops in his football career since leaving the Reds and English Football, taking him far and wide to Greece, France, Scotland and currently in Hungary.

      But it is the moment in October of 2009 which he recalls with pride.   “I think it was one of my great memories when I was in Liverpool.

      "Especially the celebration with Pepe, who was a great teammate, a great player, goalkeeper and a great guy.

      Ngog said that the celebration that took place was a pure spur of the moment thing that Football often delivers.

      “It was a surprise for me to see Pepe when I turned back to celebrate! Afterwards, it was just joy and you want to share with the fans and everybody.   "It was a great memory. 

      “The celebration is one of the best and it's just improvisation. 

      “You don't really prepare for it, it just happens in the moment."

      Despite being well removed from playing for the club, he still holds the Reds very closely to his heart.   And just like any fan, he hopes they go one step further this season.

      “They're in the best position possible.

      “I think Jürgen Klopp did a great job in getting everyone involved. 

      “They play with a lot of energy and it's just great to watch.   "I really hope – and I think – they will succeed this season."

      While Ngog struggled for consistent minutes, he views his time at the club where he made 94 appearances and scored 19 goals in an extremely positive light.

      "I was in at a young age and had plenty to prove.

      "I was surrounded by great players with great experience and I think I learned a lot from it. 

      "For me, it's all good memories.   "Of course you always want to do more but for me at that age it was a good achievement for me in my life and my career."

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    • Anyone see how Reina did with Vanilla today?   Did he put his hip out, and did behave his teeth in for the match?
    • It's just fucking brilliant isn't it?  Pickford in the back of his goal with his little arms out is just the best thing i have seen this year.
    • Our team is already incredible and we are buying Mbappe, Werner, Sancho, Havertz and Troy Deeney.
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