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    • No transparency. No accountability. Lots of incompetence. Some clear bias.  Lots of back covering of their mates. The technology is not perfect but works just fine most of the time. The problem is with the users.    Cahill and Dublin on MotD were talking about having ex-pros in the VAR room, which makes sense. However you only need to have played a bit of footy at amateur level, which probably most of us on here have done, to have an appreciation of what these players are up to and when they're conning the refs. It's crystal clear that none of the current refs have played any footy based on the number of times they woefully misinterpret situations.
    • Andy Roe-bertson
    • PGMOL and Riley have created a culture where the refs live in a bubble in which they are all brilliant, consistent and effective at their job. They are answerable to no-one, and any criticism of them by players and coaches is met with a harsh rebuke and a financial penalty.   People criticise VAR but while the system is not foolproof, the real problem lies with those entrusted to apply it. If the ref on the pitch misjudges an incident because it happened so quickly, you can accept that because it's not always easy to see things in real time. However, when they are being discouraged from using pitchside monitors which are there to help them, and when the man in the VAR booth is still getting decisions wrong despite having the benefit of multiple replays, it's no wonder so many people want VAR to be binned.
    • I look out for the Bristol City and Bristol Rovers results each week. Not for any affection for either club but purely for entertainment as they’re both shite, both sets of supporters are fucking bellends and act as though their rivalry is on a par with the Milan clubs or Boca/River. 
        They’re a fucking embarrassment. But much like the blues they’re the gift that keeps on giving. 
    • He shouldn't need help with his medical bills as we have a national health service. It is possible and likely he needs some type of care help though. The money the PFA sit on, they should 100% be at the front of this. 
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