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    • Have some respect lad. Don’t forget, he confirmed the shirt designs before anybody else.
    • Fair enough mate. Living overseas for the last 30 years and having spent 9 years before that serving overseas I'm kind of insulated from it all. The 9 years serving wasn't really a toxic environment for the footie, of course there was banter but it was the 80's and so people didn't go ott back then. I was however on guard duty in 89 with a loaded rifle with one in the barrel due to IRA activity in Germany, with an Arsenal fan and a radio, I was tempted to shoot the fat cunt. Also in a fucking trench on exercise with the only fucking Wimbledon fan I've ever met for their famous cup win. Sneaked a radio into the trench, wish I hadn't bothered. He was fine though, probably because he couldn't even tell me who played for them. 
    • OK, have to admit Im not his biggest fan. That doesnt mean Im not a fan of his in any way, shape or form. But for fuckety fuck's sake, why are we not negotiating with the lad? So what if we have to pay him £165k, £170k or even £180k a week? The lad deserves to end his top flight career here unless he wants to go elsewhere.   James Milner has admitted he would consider a move abroad or a return to Leeds as his contract at Liverpool continues to run down. The versatile 33-year-old is set to be released from the table toppers next summer as things stand, and Milner revealed he has pondered on his next career move should fresh terms at Anfield not materialise. The former Aston Villa and Manchester City star is currently reluctant to rule out any options, but spoke fondly about a potential switch to former side Leeds and also hinted at chancing his arm in coaching. He told the Sportsman: 'I'm open to anything. 'I'd be interested in going abroad and experiencing a new league, a new style of football, new lifestyle, too, but that all just depends on where it is and also on my family too.'  'I think I'd be more interested in coaching than the media side. I see people going into punditry all the time but I think in terms of who I've played for and with and what I've learnt as a player it would be a shame not to pass that on within football to young players.' Milner had began his career at Elland Road, and conceded that the chance to return to his roots would be difficult to turn down - although the Reds star is yet to be contacted by his very first club. He added: 'Well, yes, I am a Leeds lad and I want the team to do well, I'm a fan. 'I always follow the team and the results. So you can never say "no" or even "yes" because just so much changes in football, you never know what happens. 'At the moment I'm a Champions League winner with Liverpool and this year we're really going for the Premier League, but I don't know what the future will hold. 'It would be amazing to play for Leeds again but no-one from the club has ever contacted me about that.' The fan favourite has featured 19 times for Liverpool this campaign, netting three goals as last season's European champions continue to battle across several fronts. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7764035/James-Milner-admits-consider-abroad-amazing-Leeds-return.html#comments
    • A team spending so much and achieving so little should rightly be getting slaughtered in the press, they aren’t, why?   Because they are an irrelevance and have not been a big club for half a century.   Everything about them is small time. 
    • Gini's celebration was brilliant. For some players it would look arrogant but he's such a cool, chilled out guy it just looks ace.
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