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    • Martin Samuels is on the payroll and deffo eats lard and fucks goats.
    • It doesn't bloody matter!!!!!   They funded sales. We would not have signed Suarez and Carroll without selling Torres first. We would not have squandered the Saurez cash had we not sold him. Same with Coutinho. I don't give two fucks if they wanted to leave or not thats not the issue. You are absolving them of responsibility because players wanted out.   Ask yourself would we have bought had those players remained? Probably not, although with the FSG model they would probably be looking to get shut in the 29-30 range anyway.    
    • And the audited club accounts? Is Swiss Rambler in on the conspiracy as well?!
    • It will nice to play a team that can't defend. 
    • FSG refused Torres transfer until he publically made clear he no longer wanted to play for the club by handing in a transfer request. How's that my 'narrative'? It is established fact.   Even dalglish accepted he didnt want to play for him. Can you eluccidate if you had a player who'd made their stance clear, you'd keep them and not sell unlike just about every other manager's stance?   Same with coutinho but at least he had the good grace to at least keep playing on the pitch while maintaining he wanted to leave. Where's the 'narrative' to support your assertion these players were sold purely to finance other purchases? If the money was used for better players, why are you against the sales when it clearly has improved the team?   You mention both Suarez (yet another player who no longer wanted to play for the club) and Countinho's purchase and sale fees. Are you pissed off that the club made big profits on both and bought numerous players with the proceeds? Would you have preferred we sold them for the same fee we paid for them?   Why, exactly, should I stop 'defending' a bunch of US businessmen? I'll continue to comment on mistakes and poor decisions the owners make relative to the on and off field performance of the club. Selling players who want to leave isnt erroneous. I'' withold my backing of them them when they make the club uncompetitive with indiscriminate sales, sacking the manager and backroom staff to save money etc not because they've made the club self sufficient, well organise and run.
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